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My name is Selina and I'm a plant junkie. I love to watch a plant grow from a tiny sprout into a six or twelve foot tower of foliage and flowers. I don't feel well unless I'm surrounded by greenery. I can't function unless I can see lush green leaves and bright blooms from every window.

You can imagine how I felt living in this house.

That was twelve years ago. The yard looks more like this now:

This is the home I share with my husband Tiny. He snapped most of the plant pictures you will find here.

This website is our love child.

Botanical Journeys is the product of my passion for plants, Tiny's penchant for snapping photos, and our mutual love of travel.

Over the years, I've become something of a walking plant encyclopedia. Expect to find lots of plant information and plant pictures, taken not only in our back yard but in all the beautiful places we visit, as you browse the pages of this website.

Travel enthusiasts will also find summer travel destination ideas, reviews and advice sprinkled around the site.

We tend to gravitate toward verdant, tropical locations like Hawaii and the Caribbean. And we always end up at a botanical garden no matter where we go. I call these plant-focused vacations botanical journeys.

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We invite you to come along with us on our botanical journeys through the pages of botanical-journeys-plant-guides.com.

Your plant guides,

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