Aeroponic Gardening
 vs. Hydroponics

Aeroponic Indoor Herb Garden

Aeroponic gardening explains aeroponic growing systems step-by-step. The advantages of aeroponics vs hydroponics. How does it work? How to grow food in an indoor hydrogarden.

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What is Aeroponics?

Simply put, aeroponics is a system of plant cultivation where the plants' roots are not buried in soil or any other media. Instead, aeroponic garden plants grow in containers of liquid fertilizer.

Aeroponics vs Hydroponics

Aeroponics and hydroponics are similar growing systems. In hydroponic gardening plant roots are submerged in a substrate and much more water is used than in growing aeroponics.

To give you an example of the differences in water use between different growing methods: It takes about 78 gallons of water to grow 2 lbs. of tomatoes in the ground, 18 gallons to grow the tomatoes hydroponically and about 5 gallons to grow them in an aeroponic garden.

Aeroponic systems use so little water because the nutrients are supplied into a closed circuit.

None is wasted. None evaporates.

This smaller amount of water makes aeroponic growing systems very lightweight. They can easily be stacked, moved, or even suspended.

Aeroponics Indoor Garden Benefits

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In aeroponic culture plant roots are not submerged in water but are kept wet with a constant fog or mist of liquid fertilizer solution. This allows for a better balance of air and water around the roots. Nutrients are taken up more quickly.

As a result, aeroponics crops grow at an accelerated rate.

Because aeroponic growing systems are housed indoors, the climate can be controlled to produce non-stop growth.

Aeroponic gardens allow you to:

  • Produce greater yields in a smaller space.
  • Use very little fertilizer.
  • Raise your favorite herbs, vegetables, or even annual flowers year round.
  • Grow herbs and vegetables that taste exactly like those grown in soil.

Save money on plant food, water and growing media. Aeroponics systems are reusable. Once you have made the initial investment, ongoing costs are very low.

Aeroponic Indoor Herb Garden

This is a small aeroponic system which does not need a grow light. Just set it up, place it in a sunny window, and forget it.

This is the perfect aeroponic indoor herb garden for an apartment dweller who wants to grow fresh herbs but doesn't have much room. Or for someone who travels and is away from home a lot.

Once you set the Power Plant Windowsill up, it can go for weeks without any further attention. When you return from your journey, your herbs will be growing lushly.

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