Aloe vera Flowers

Orange or yellow Aloe vera flowers are used to make a healing water called aloe flower essence. The flower stalks of the Aloe plant emerge from the rosette of leaves near the base.

Orange Aloe vera flowers.

The stalks may be single but will sometimes branch at the top. The straight, upright stems always hold the blooms well above the rosette of leaves.

The orange, or more rarely, yellow blooms are about 2 inches long and tubular in shape. They face the sky when they first form but bend toward the earth as they mature.

Because of their long, straight stems, aloe flowers make interesting additions to floral arrangements. The blooms are not noticeably fragrant.

Aloe Vera Flower Essence

Yellow Aloe vera flowers.

Flower Essence Services Quintessentials harvests the blossoms to make a healing water similar to the Bach Flower Remedies.

These are remedies which act, not on the human body but on the spirit.

According to FES aloe flower essence balances creative energy and possess a centering effect.

Who would benefit from using this remedy?

Artistic types suffering from burnout in their creative endeavors. Perhaps a writer suffering from writer's block.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Often called the "Medicine Plant", the Aloe vera plant is renowned for its healing abilities.

The succulent leaves contain a clear gel which can be used both topically and internally to heal and sooth burns, cuts and even ulcers.

Plants multiply on their own so one soon becomes many.

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