The 411 on Aloe vera Seeds

Aloe plants can be propagated from Aloe vera seeds but this is not always the best way to grow Aloe vera. Aloe seeds will usually produce Aloe hybrids--similar to but not exact clones of Aloe vera.

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If you want to grow the Aloe vera medicinal plant, I believe it is best to plant offsets of a mature Aloe vera plant. These are the pups that form around the mother plant all by themselves.

If you know someone who is growing Aloe vera they will more than likely be willing to give you a few pups or sell them to you very cheap.

Plant the group of offsets in one pot just large enough to accommodate them or set each into its own tiny pot.

If you don't have a friend with an Aloe vera plant, you can purchase a small, inexpensive plant here:

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If you live where winter temps do no fall below 25 degrees F., consider planting your Aloe outdoors. I find that the plants produce offsets much more quickly when grown in the open ground.

How to Grow Aloe Seeds

Close-Up of an Aloe Gasteria Plant

Close-Up of an Aloe Gasteria Plant
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Most of the seeds you find for sale will not produce Aloe vera but aloe hybrids. Aloe plants cross with each other easily creating lots of beautiful and unique forms.

Obtaining new forms is the best reason for sowing Aloe seeds. It is a way to obtain rare types of aloe that you might never find plants of.

  • Sow Aloe vera seeds to a depth equal to their size in any sterile, fast draining potting mix.

  • Keep the mix barely moist and as close to 70 degrees F. as possible. It can take Aloe vera seeds 2-4 months to sprout, so be patient.

  • Once the seeds germinate, the seedlings will need bright light. Give them the same care as you would a larger plant. You will just have to watch them more closely to be sure that they don't dry out too much due to the fact that they are planted in such a small amount of soil.

  • Wait until the little aloes are at least 2 inches tall before transplanting them into individual pots.
  • If you want different types of Aloe but don't want to grow them from seed, you can buy aloe plants here:

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