'Angel Face' Rose

Rosa 'Angel Face'

The lavender blooms of the 'Angel Face' rose make it one of the prettiest of the purple Floribunda rose bushes. Its disease resistance is an added bonus. Buy 'Climbing Angel Face' roses too.

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Keep in Mind:

The 'Angel Face' Floribunda rose exhibits greater disease resistance in dry, sunny places than it does when exposed to high humidity.

Parentage: ('Circus' x 'Lavender Pin0cchio') x 'Sterling'

Swim and Weeks 1968

The cup-shaped flowers are strongly lemon scented. Each bloom is comprised of up to 40 frilly petals surrounding a boss of yellow stamens which become visible as the petals reflex with age. They appear in reliable flushes throughout the growing season. The way in which the flowers are held on the shrub varies: sometimes singly, sometimes in clusters.

At just 3-4 feet tall, Rosa 'Angel Face' is the perfect addition to smaller gardens. Its low, rounded growth habit and abundance of dark leaves make it a good bedding rose, but the flowers hold up well in the vase too.

Plant this rose in the sunniest location you can provide. The flowers develop their best color in bright, all day sun. If you grow it in an overcast or rainy climate, it will bloom a different shade than it would in a sunny climate.

Picture of Rosa 'Angel Face' growing at Leu Gardens in rainy Orlando, FL.

Bushes grown in Florida may need to be sprayed once or twice during the rainy season.

In the humid south, it might pay you to find a plant that is grafted onto Rosa fortuneana rootstock which is the best rootstock for this climate.

The flower buds form on new wood so hard pruning in early spring will pay off in a greater abundance of flowers throughout the season. This will also keep the bush compact.

This rose appreciates a slightly acid soil and regular feedings. It is hardy from zone 5a (with protection) to 9b.

Awards of Merit

All-America Rose Selection 1969

American Rose Society John Cook Medal 1971

'Climbing Angel Face' Rose

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'Climbing Angel Face' grows to a height of 8-11 feet and can produce hundreds of flowers per season. The large bloom sprays display flowers in all stages of development at the same time!  Clusters will contain high-centered buds and fully open, four inch wide, flat blooms at once.

Did You Know?

  • The American Rose Society rates the 'Angel Face' rose an 8.2 on a 10 point scale.  Roses rated  8-9 are described by the organization as "excellent".
  • 'Angel Face' is considered by many rosarians to be the finest mauve rose ever introduced.
  • It was the very first mauve rose to win an All-America Rose Selection honor.  The petals of most roses in this color class exhibit gray undertones, 'Angel Face' does not.  Its color is clear and unmuddied.  This may have given it an edge.
  • The plant will spread and become very wide if you can just resist the urge to cut the flowers and take them  indoors.  This is easier said than done.

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