Are Canna Bulbs Edible?

by Alise
(Grand Rapids, MI)

I've enjoyed growing Canna Lilies for years. A friend recently told me that the bulbs are edible. Was she just pulling my leg?

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There is a variety of Canna, C. edulis that does produce edible tubers. They are used in the Andean Mountains to make an arrow root type of starch.

Canna edulis can be grown from seed and is hardly into USDA zone 7. It displays green leaves, red and yellow flowers, and can reach 10 feet in height.

I do not advise digging up your ornamental Canna Lilies and pounding them into starch. I simply don't know if they are safe to consume.

Canna X Generalis

Wintering Canna Bulbs

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May 18, 2013
can you plant canna around horses?
by: Anonymous

Can you plant canna plants aound horses?

Oct 14, 2010
by: penny

This is a question. What are the pods on top of the cannas? My sister-in-law and I popped the black seeds out of their pods,they look like a very hard pea. Can these be planted? If not what good are they?

Those black peas are Canna seeds. You can plant them, but it may take the resulting plants several years to reach flowering size.

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