The Best Shade Perennials

Shade Loving Flowering & Foliage Perennials

Best shade perennials for sale. Flowering plants that bloom reliably in full shade. Plants with colorful foliage to bring season long excitement to shady gardens. Perennial shade flowers for dry soil.

Miniature Hosta Fire and Ice

Ajuga 'Burgundy Glow'

Astrantia 'Roma' Rosy

Ajuga and variegated Hostas are two of the best plants you can install to create easy, reliable color in a shade garden.  When these plants bloom, their flowers are just an added bonus, a serendipity.  Their bodacious leaves perform, day in and day out, from the time they emerge in spring 'til they melt away again in late fall.

Of the many miniature Hosta cultivars, 'Fire and Ice' is unique in that its leaves are snow white with contrasting forest green edges.  Use this striking dwarf to light the edge of a shady path or display it in a container or planter.

'Burgundy Glow' is one of the more brightly colored Ajugas.

Flowering Shade Perennials

Here in Florida, the Trinity Plant a.k.a. Tradescantia grows wild in places where little else will.  It blooms on and off throughout the warm months in any exposure from full sun to full shade.  It is drought tolerant and nearly impossible to kill.

This is a vigorous clump-former that should not be planted near less vigorous perennials as weaker plants may not be able to successfully compete with it for the available food and water.

The 'Blue Zebra' primrose is one of the best shade perennials to plant for spring bloom.  Its denim blue striped flowers are especially attention-getting at this time of year when they don't have to compete with the blowsy blooms of the summer garden.

Perennials for Dry Shade

As most shade loving plants crave moisture, this is one of the most challenging garden exposures to plant.  Most plants will struggle in dry shade; here are a few that will take it in their stride:

Foliage for Shady Spots

The unique coloring of the Japanese Painted Fern makes it a shade garden stand out! Place it near plants with dark purple or burgundy foliage for dramatic contrast. A gently curving drift of these flowing through a bed of Black Scallop Ajuga would make a stunning groundcover.

This fern grows to 18" tall and achieves its best color in light to moderate shade.

The honey-drenched leaves of Caramel Heuchera provide a unique hue in the shade garden.  Colored foliage is much more useful than flowers in the landscape becuase of its superior dependability and longevity.

In addition to its special coloring, 'Caramel' is the most heat tolerant of Heuchera cultivars.

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