'Blue Girl' Rose
Blue Colored Hybrid Tea Rose

The Blue Girl rose is a lavender blue Hybrid Tea rose. This is one of the prettiest lavender roses I have seen and it's fragrant to boot! The high-centered rose flowers emit a citrus rose perfume.

Blue Girl rose.

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'Blue Girl' is a Kordes rose introduced in 1964 in which year it also won the Rome Gold Medal.

The rose 'Blue Girl' will grow to a height of 3-4 feet and blooms repeatedly from spring through fall. The plant produces many blooms at once which are good for cutting.

Make a bouquet of them and fill a room with their lemony fragrance.

What You Need to Know About this Rose:

  1. It is slightly black spot prone in humid climates. Home rose growers in these areas have had success using organic products (like baking soda or milk sprays) to control the disease.

  2. It is a little tender and will do best in USDA zones 7a-10b.

  3. In zones 9 and 10, plant it in part shade for the best flower color.

  4. It will tolerate injury and bounce back from a bout of black spot better than other Hybrid Teas.

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Other Blue Roses:

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