'Blue Moon' Rose
Hybrid Tea Rose

The 'Blue Moon' rose is a very fragrant Hybrid Tea rose. 'Blue Moon' roses are not true blue but lavender roses. The rose 'Blue Moon' is treasured for its rare blue color and its sugar and spice scent. Also Climbing 'Blue Moon'.

Rose, Climbing Blue Moon

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'Blue Moon' was hybridized by Tantau and introduced in 1965. Other names it runs under include Sissi and Mainzer Fastnacht. It is the most popular of the blue roses among home growers.

There are a few bluer blue roses (this is more of a lavender rose) but there is none more fragrant. This characteristic, along with the long stems and tall pointed buds, make this one of the best cutting roses available.

The plant which produces this bounty for the vase grows to an ultimate height of 3 feet. It features light green, glossy foliage which, though attractive when healthy, will most likely need spraying to stay that way.

This is the only drawback to growing this rose which performs best in USDA zones 7a-11.

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