'Bonica' Rose Bush
Pink Floribunda Roses

The 'Bonica' rose is a pink, double flowered Floribunda rose bush which can be used as a groundcover rose or a hedge rose. Rosa 'Bonica' flowers in repeated waves throughout summer.

Bonica rose bush.

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The blooms are slightly fragrant. The color will be lighter in intense heat.

The Bonica shrub rose was bred by Meilland as a groundcover rose and introduced in 1982.

It is shade tolerant but, like any other rose plant, will bloom a bit less in this exposure. In full sun, the flowers on this vigorous rose bush will nearly conceal the foliage.

Bonica rose buds. The flowers, which begin as perfect, pretty buds, will be followed by small but showy red hips which you can enjoy all winter if you refrain from deadheading the plant after the final fall flush of bloom.

The dark green leaves are small, slightly shiny and disease resistant.

The shrub rose Bonica can grow to a 3-5 foot height and spread 4-6 feet so give it enough space.

It should be cut back each spring or the stems may become leggy and collapse under the weight of the damp flower clusters after a rain.

Plant Bonica in zones 4a-9b for best performance.

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