Care of Cut Roses
Keep Roses Fresh Longer

Taking care of cut roses. Learn to care for cut roses to keep them beautiful. Preservatives to use to keep roses fresh longer. Cut rose care made simple.

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Cut roses are beautiful flowers used alone or in mixed arrangements. A bouquet of roses will add color, elegance, and fragrance to any room in which it is placed. But this beauty will be short-lived unless these blooms receive proper care.

Preparing Roses for the Vase

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To condition your roses for long life, submerge them immediately after cutting them, up to the lowest petals,in room temp water which has been treated with a proprietary cut flower preservative.

These preservatives contain nutrients and antibacterial agents which feed the blooms and kill the bacteria which leads to decay. Using one can double the length of time your arrangement will last.

Leave the stems in the water for at least an hour. Overnight would not be too long. This should be done in a cool room or you can set them into the fridge.

Conditioning roses in this fashion reduces the amount of water they loose through their leaves and petals.

Care of Cut Roses

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When you're ready to arrange the roses, remove any foliage that is attached to the portion of the stem that will be submerged. This reduces bacterial growth in the water and keeps it clear and clean smelling.

A thorn stripper will take these leaves off quickly and remove the prickers as well. It's a must have if you plan to cut roses frequently.

Just before setting the stems into a vase, trim a bit off the end of the stem to allow the bloom to absorb water more readily. Crushing the ends of the stems will do the same thing.

Do not crowd the flowers in the vase. The blooms should not be resting against one another.

Use a flower holder or place a ball of crumpled chicken wire into the vase to help keep the stems where you want them.

Keep Roses Fresh Longer:

When the arrangement is not on display (overnight, etc.) store it in the fridge or in a very cool room. Cut flowers kept in a warm room will deteriorate quickly.

Cut Rose Care Supplies

These Fiskars have a built in thorn stripper and right near it, a stem crusher.

Cut Flower Preservatives


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