Carefree Delight Rose Bush

The Carefree Delight rose bush was hybridized by the House of Meilland and introduced in 1994. It is one of the most disease resistant of the Modern Shrub roses. Carefree Delight is mildly fragrant.

Carefree Delight rose bush.

Photo by Howard F. Schwartz, Colorado State University,

Other names for the Carefee Delight rose include: Potalia, Bingo Meilland and Bingo Meillandicor.

The ruffled petals of the single flowers form an open cup. The 2-3 inch wide blooms are medium pink fading to blush with a white eye. A cluster of stamens forms a yellow circle in the center of each one.

The flowers exude their gentle rose fragrance all summer long as they appear in repeated flushes.

Carefree Delight rose planted with knifphofia and vitex.

Carefree Delight planted with Kniphofia and Vitex.

These delightful pink blossoms are borne on a shrub 3-5 feet tall with a spreading growth habit. The stems are quite thorny but they atone for this by covering themselves with small, glossy leaves which are resistant to mildew, black spot, and rust.

The plant is also insect resistant and drought tolerant once it matures.

A 1996 All-America Rose Selection, Carefree Delight rose has won no less than 6 rose awards worldwide so you can be sure it will live up to its name in the garden.

Recommended for USDA zones 4a-10b.

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