Caring for Petunias

Easy Tips for Growing and Planting Petunias

Caring for petunias. Petunia care, planting and pruning. How to grow petunias from seeds. The new Fusables multi-species petunia pellets.

How to Grow Petunias from Seeds

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Petunia seeds are too small to handle easily unless they are pelleted. Plant them on the surface of the soil as they need light to germinate. Do this 6 weeks before the last frost date.

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Water the flat from the bottom or mist it gently with a spray bottle to avoid disturbing the seed. Once the seedlings are up, continue to water in this fashion until they have a strong enough root system to hold them firmly in place. Caring for petunias is easier if you’re not knocking them over with each watering.

Expect your first petunia flowers in 12 weeks.

Planting Petunias

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Wait to set the plants out until all danger of frost has passed. Plants can also be set out in late summer to provide fall color in the garden.

Petunias prefer full sun and well drained soil. A rich, moist soil will give superior results but these are tough plants that will tolerate a variety of soil conditions. If you have dry, sandy soil try growing the old-fashioned singles. These will often reseed themselves from year to year.

In the deep south, petunias planted in the fall will often continue to bloom through the winter and into the following summer as most cultivars can withstand light frost once they are established.

Pruning Petunias

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To grow petunias that spread wide and bloom profusely follow this method:

  1. Prune off the top inch of growth when the petunia plants are 6 inches tall.
  2. Pinch the plants back an inch every time they put on 3 inches of growth.
  3. If you get busy, neglect this pinching and the plants become leggy, cut them back by half.
  4. Feed them with a water soluble plant food every other week. They will grow and bloom like mad.

You can keep petunias blooming by pinching them back regularly. Pinching off the old flowers will keep the plants from setting seed and encourage more branching and heavier bloom.

Caring for Petunias in
Hanging Baskets

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Good petunia care for petunia hanging baskets involves diligent watering. Petunias are somewhat drought tolerant which makes them lovely basket plants. They will wilt when their soil dries out but bounce back once they are watered.

When growing petunias in such a small amount of soil you will need to feed them frequently. Use a water soluble fertilizer every two weeks and sprinkle a slow-release granular onto the surface of the soil every three months.

Pinch them back regularly to keep them fresh and blooming.

Caring for Petunias in Very
Hot Climates

Chose heat tolerant petunias like the multifloras and floribundas. These have smaller flowers than the popular petunia grandiflora but they withstand southern summer heat better.

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