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Groundcover Rose Varieties

Carpet roses care and pruning instructions. The prettiest types of pink and peach cascading roses. The most disease resistant groundcover roses. The best spreading and Drift roses.

"Pheasant" Rose Cascades Over Wall onto Stone Bench

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When a mass of season-long color is needed, carpet or ground cover roses are the obvious choice. The best cascading roses grow thickly enough to suppress (or at least hide) weeds and flower heavily enough to look amazing while doing so.

Procumbent roses are usually grown on their own roots so any suckers that arise will produce the same flowers and do not have to be removed.

Heights vary according to cultivar. The tallest (3-4 feet) will produce several layers of arching stems which will smother weak, annual weeds.

Perennial weeds are another matter.

These will need to be removed from the planting area before landscaping with groundcover roses.

Plant groundcover roses just as you would plant any other rose bush.

Care for groundcover roses the same way you would care for Knockout roses or any other landscape shrub rose.

Prune them each spring after all possibility of frost has passed. Cut all the stems back to a height of about 10 inches and remove any dead or broken stems. This can be done quickly with a power shear.

During the growing season, just trim back any wayward stems that threaten to ruin the shape of the plants.

Flower Carpet Rose

Is Flower Carpet the best groundcover rose? Flower Carpet care and pruning. Rose Flower Carpet vs other ground cover roses. Flower Carpet red rose. Carpet Flower rose yellow.

Peach Carpet Roses

Peach Drift rose.

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'Peach Drift' is a groundcover rose/mini rose hybrid. You get the toughness of a carpet rose combined with the heavy bloom and compact growth habit of a miniature rose.

At just 2 feet tall, 'Peach Drift' roses make excellent container plants. The only thing they lack is fragrance.

Another rose in this series is 'Apricot Drift'. Its mildly scented blooms are fuller than those of 'Peach Drift'.

Pink Carpet Roses

Lowest Price, Pink Groundcover Rose

Pink Drift rose.

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A unique single-flowered groundcover rose. Masses of clear pink flowers with white eyes cover these 3 foot tall, disease resistant plants throughout the growing season.

'Pink Drift' is winter hardy from USDA zone 5-9.

Sweet Drift rose.

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The dainty, pale pink blooms of Rosa 'Meisweetdom' more closely resemble those of a miniature rose than those of the other plants in this series. They appear in profuse flushes from spring til frost on robust plants 24-36 inches tall by 36-48 inches wide.

Fragrant Spreader rose.

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Rosa 'Chewground' is called Fragrant Spreader because it grows low (to 2 feet) and wide (4 feet). Its single pink flowers feature prominent white eyes with bright yellow centers and have an old-fashioned, cottage garden look.

As an added bonus, Fragrant Spreader roses are adorned with healthy, deer resistant foliage.

Fairy Roses

Rose, Fairy Pink Cushion

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Fairy roses are the toughest Polyantha shrub roses you can grow. The Fairy rose bush is tolerant of drought and neglect and rarely bothered by diseases and pests. One of the best rose plants for difficult situations.

Bonica Rose Bush

Bonica rose bushes.

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The Bonica rose is a pink, double flowered Floribunda rose bush which can be used as a groundcover rose or a hedge rose. Rosa Bonica flowers in repeated waves throughout summer.

Other Carpet Roses Worth Considering

The White Meidiland® Groundcover Rose features large, semi-double white flowers on extremely disease resistant plants that grow from 12-24 inches tall.

The blooms are fragrant but that is not the best thing about this rose.

The real advantage of planting this cultivar is that it is growing on its own roots. Own root roses are more cold hardy than grafted plants. This plant performs best in zones 4-7.

Another own root rose is the Scarlet Meidiland® Groundcover.

It is just as disease resistant as White Meidiland® and hardy in the same zones.

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