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Growing the Celosia plumosa Plant

Growing the Celosia plumosa plant. How to grow Celosia from seeds. Taking care of Celosia plants.

Tips for manipulating the number and size of the flowers.

Celosia plumosa, mixed colors.

The decorative, feathery plumes of C. plumosa occur in bright red or gold and top plants from 10 inches to 3 feet tall.

The taller varieties make interesting accents at the back of a flower bed or the center of a large container garden. Plant 5-7 feathered celosia plants around a birdbath for a dramatic effect.

The lime to medium green leaves are noticeably veined but not showy. The unusual blooms are this plant's main attraction.

How to Grow Celosia from Seeds

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Sow Celosia seeds in spring for summer flowers. Celosia plumosa seeds must be kept warm and moist to germinate.

Modern hybrids are more difficult from seed than older Celosia varieties.

Wait until 3 weeks after the last frost to bed the seedlings out of the cold may stunt their growth.

Taking Care of Celosia

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Set plants into moist, fertile soil in full sun to light shade.

Give young transplants regular water if you want them to bloom well when they mature.

Spray with a fungicide during cool, wet weather to ward off powdery mildew. Spacing plants far enough apart so that air can circulate between them will also help them to resist mildew.

Celosia Flowers

Orange Celosia plumosa flower.

Pinch the center of the bloom if you want it to branch and produce lots of smaller flowers. If you want large flowers for cutting, don't pinch them.

To dry Celosia flowers, cut the stems and hang them upside down. They'll be dry in about a week.

The dried blooms will keep their color for a year before beginning to fade.

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