Best Climate for Growing Grapes

Ideal climate for growing grapes. Cultivating grapes in California, Florida, Texas, Kentucky, Oregon, and Wisconsin.  Wine, table, concord and muscadine grapes.

Vineyard in Sonoma, CA

What you want to do when growing grapes is maximize fruit production while minimizing grape diseases. Abundant sunshine, warmth and good air circulation will help you achieve those goals. In light of these facts, the best climate for grape growing is one with sunny weather, little rain, and a long growing season.

However, there is more to it. Not everyone lives in such a climate. Therefore, there are grape varieties adapted to climates vastly different from the one I've described.

Perhaps a better question than, "What is the ideal climate for growing grapes?" would be, "Which grape grows well where I live?"

Growing Concord Grapes

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Concords are American or fox grapes and members of the group Vitis labrusca. They are well adapted to cold winters, humid summers, and the insect pests commonly found in the eastern U.S.

Growing Wine Grapes

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Vitis vinifera is the European wine grape. It is best adapted to regions of the American West with mild winters and hot, dry summers.

Vitis rotundifolia

the muscadine or Scuppernong grape, is best adapted to the deep south. They maintain their disease resistance even during the wettest weather.

Growing Grapes in California and Texas

Grape vines growing in California.

Many wine grape varieties perform well in the wine growing regions of California.

Parts of Texas that get less than 15 inches of rain during the season (April-July) are suitable for growing table grapes.

Vines need to be planted far enough south that they are not exposed to winter temperatures below 0 degrees F. which can kill a mature grape vine. Grapes have no true dormancy period. Because of this the vines can be especially vulnerable to frost damage.

Growing Grapes in Kentucky & Arkansas

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Several varieties of Vitis labrusca including concord grape vines and Catawba grapes perform well in Kentucky. Also, many of the American-French hybrid grapes (Vitis ruprestris x Vitis lincecuni) are worth growing here.

Many varieties of Vitis vinifera do well in Kentucky. Pinot Noir grapes will perform well in cooler regions of the state.

Reliance was developed by the University of Arkansas and is also the most cold hardy seedless grape recommended for Kentucky.

Growing Grapes in Oregon

The climate of Oregon is much like that of Burgundy. It also shares some characteristics with Alsace and Germany. As a result, growing grapes for wine is common here. In fact, Pinot Noir grapes are the premiere variety for Oregon.

Chardonnay and Pinot Gris are also popular.

Growing Grapes in Wisconsin

When growing grapes in Wisconsin, choose cold hardy hybrid grape varieties like Beta, St. Croix, or Valiant.

Growing Grapes in Florida

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Florida is certainly not the ideal climate for growing grapes. It is much too humid and rainy.

Despite this, there is a type of grape that grows beautifully here. Muscadine grapes make great wine and are one of the most delicious fresh eating varieties.

Conquistador is the most productive bunch grape which will grow in Florida.

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Scuppernongs are a type of muscadine grape. Muscadines are larger and rounder than most other table grapes. They also have a thicker skin. You will normally see them in the markets in the fall.

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