Climbing Peace Rose Bush

The climbing Peace rose features the same yellow blend Hybrid Tea rose flowers as those growing on the shorter Peace rose bush. But patience is required to coax the best flower show from this stunning climber.

Climbing Peace rose growing on an arbor.

Many gardeners love the Peace rose bush so they plant the climbing version expecting the same performance. Many of these gardeners end up disappointed.

But this does not have to happen.

Climbing Peace is no more or less disease resistant than the rose bush Peace. It will serve up the same fragrant, Hybrid Tea rose blooms if you know how to coax it into doing so.

Peace Rose Picture

Peace roses.

Here is what you need to know to be happy with this Peace rose plant:

  • Climbing roses are slower to mature than shrub roses. It normally takes them 3 years to bloom at all. Climbing Peace can be slower than most. Expect scattered bloom in year 3. Prepare for a floral explosion from year 4 on.

  • The long canes will produce many more flowers if they are arched over toward the ground instead of being allowed to grow straight up. If you have the space, peg them to the ground. If not, tie them to an arbor. At the top, where the canes arch over the top of the rose support, you will get hundreds of flowers. Don't expect much at the bottom of the arbor where the canes are growing straight up.

  • Feed this rose on a monthly basis during warm weather.

  • A climbing growing Peace Rose will flush most abundantly in the spring. It will rebloom sporadically throughout the growing season but these flushes won't be nearly as magnificent as the spring show.

  • The flowers are produced on year old wood so do not cut it back before the spring bloom or you will be removing most of your flowering wood. Prune Climbing Peace after the spring flush for the best floral display.
  • A mature Peace rose climbing above a garden path in full flush is a spectacular sight you won't want to miss.

    The 8-10 foot tall climbing Peace rose is hardy in zones 7a-9b. It may survive in colder areas but it performs best in warmer zones.

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    Rose, Climbing Peace Jumbo

    Rose, Climbing Peace Jumbo

    Here is everybody's favorite rose, now reaching for the stars as an outstanding climber. You'll love this all-time popularity winner for its sheer beauty.

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