The Best Climbing Rose Bushes
Pillar Roses

The best climbing rose bushes for home growers. Information about easy care climbing rose varieties. Climbing Floribunda, Hybrid Tea and Modern Cluster-Flowered rose vines. Gardening with climbers. Climbing roses for sale.

An arch wreathed in roses brings romance into the garden. Red roses symbolize passionate love and evoke a strong emotional response, particularly when you are surrounded by masses of them.

Other rose colors may not be as dramatic but hundreds of roses climbing up and over an arch or pergola and occasionally raining fragrant flower petals down all around you is sure to be the most romantic feature in the garden no matter what color you chose.

If you have a sunny patio but don't have the funds to have it screened in, try this: Build a wooden pergola over it. Plant the same variety of climbing rose at each corner of the climbing rose support and train the canes to grow up and over it.

In 2 or 3 years, when the plants mature, the structure will be covered in blooms during the growing season. The roses will happily soak up all that sun while giving you a shady spot to sit and enjoy their beauty and fragrance.

When viewed from the yard, the climbers will visually connect the garden to the house. When you are indoors looking out, the roses will frame your view of the garden.

Climbing Roses For Sale

Thornless 'Zephirine Drouhin' Bourbon Rose

Buy 'Zephirine Drouhin' Thornless Old Bourbon Rose

You will find top quality climbing rose bushes at great prices at either Direct Gardening or Nature Hills. Both offer a range of sizes. The larger the rose, the more easily it will settle in and become established in your garden.

Also, most of the rose pictures on this page will take you directly to the sales page for the rose depicted. The links beneath the types of climbing rose bushes will take you to information pages about the rose where you will find more climbing roses for sale.

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Order rose bushes from Nature Hills Nursery. Several beautiful species.

Climbing Rose Varieties

Climbing Hybrid Tea Rose Varieties

'Climbing Blue Moon'

'Climbing Blue Moon'

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Buy Climbing Roses at Bargain Prices!

Climbing Blue Moon Rose

The climbing Blue Moon rose is a very fragrant Hybrid Tea rose. Blue Moon roses are not true blue but lavender roses. The rose Blue Moon is treasured for its rare blue color and its sugar and spice scent.

Climbing Peace Rose

The climbing Peace rose features the same yellow blend Hybrid Tea rose flowers as those growing on the shorter Peace rose bush. But patience is required to coax the best flower show from this stunning climber.

Climbing Floribunda Rose Varieties

Climbing Blue Angel Rose

Buy Climbing Blue Angel Rose

'Climbing Iceberg'

Angel Face Climbing Rose

The lavender blooms of the Angel Face rose make it one of the prettiest of the purple Floribunda rose bushes. Its disease resistance is an appreciated added bonus. Angel Face Floribunda rose plant.

Iceberg Climbing Rose

The white Iceberg climbing rose, Rosa Korbin, is a climbing Floribunda rose which bears the same slightly fragrant flower clusters as the Iceberg rose bush.

The climbing Iceberg rose will drape a wall in glossy green leaves and garlands of double blooms from spring to fall.

Modern Roses
Cluster-Flowered Climbers

Climbing Joseph's Coat Rose

Buy Climbing Joseph's Coat Rose

Climbing Blaze Rose

Buy Climbing Blaze Rose

'Don Juan'

Don Juan Climbing Rose

The deep red, double-cupped blooms of the Don Juan climbing rose have made it popular with rose gardeners across the U.S. The flowers on the 10 foot Don Juan climbing red rose occur singly or in small clusters (usually of 3).

Golden Showers Rose

The Golden Showers climbing rose bears yellow roses which fade to white. These mildly fragrant climbing roses smell like licorice.

New Dawn Rose

New Dawn rose is a pale pink sport of the rambling rose Dr. W. Van Fleet. The New Dawn climbing rose bush enjoys the distinction of having been awarded the first U.S. plant patent.

Joseph's Coat Rose

Joseph's Coat rose is a Modern Cluster Flowered Climber bearing huge trusses of multicolored roses. Joseph's Coat climbing rose is heat tolerant and disease resistant.

Rosa Joseph's Coat can also be trained as a free-standing shrub rose.

Blaze Rose

Climbing Blaze rose bush info. Where to buy a Blaze climbing rose. Blaze climbing roses are the best climbing roses to grow if you want slightly fragrant red roses that bloom continuously until fall.

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