Coneflower Sundown

Echinacea paradoxa x Echinacea purpurea Plant

Coneflower Sundown is a member of the Big Sky coneflower family hybridized by the ItSaul Plants nursery in Georgia. It's a cross between Echinacea paradoxa and Echinacea purpurea.

Coneflower Trio, Big Sky

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The large, full blooms of this perennial coneflower embody all the intensity of a tropical sunset. The overlapping petals are a warm orange which is unique among coneflower colors. They connect to a prominent, dome-shaped, brown central cone.

Like all coneflowers, the color fades as the bloom ages. The rosy pink hue of Sundown's purple coneflower ancestry peeks through as the flowers develop.

Echinacea Sundown is a tall coneflower which tops out at 48 inches high by 24 inches wide. The flower petals are not as reflexed as those of most coneflowers.

These Echinacea plants come into bloom in early fall.

How to Grow Echinacea Sundown

Set plants 2 feet apart in any decent garden soil that drains well. Full sun or at least morning sun will result in stronger straighter stems than part shade. Plants will also tend to be more compact if sited in full sun.

Orange coneflowers appreciate regular water but don't require much food.

Sundown's fragrant flowers attract butterflies and are deer resistant. It is winter hardy in USDA zones 5-9.

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The Coneflower Sundown, Echinacea Big Sky™ 'Sundown' (PP17,659), is another hybrid coneflower in the Big Sky™ series. It produces beautiful orange, very fragrant, daisy-like flowers.

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