Courtyard Landscape Design

4 Inspiring Courtyard Gardens

Beautiful examples of courtyard landscape design to inspire and guide you in planning your own enclosed paradise. Travel from a spacious courtyard fountain garden in FL. to a small garden landscaped with geraniums in Spain.

Courtyard Landscaping

Of all possible garden spaces, I love a courtyard best. Courtyard gardens enjoy the unique distinction of being completely private and sunny enough to support all sorts of flowering plants, at the same time. Within their walls plants receive protection from winds and frosts, and thrive in a warm micro climate.

Throughout my gardening life, I have gardened on balconies, patios, and screened porches, and I adore all of these small, personal spaces. I have not yet had the pleasure of landscaping a courtyard which,to me, is the crown jewel of small gardens.

If you are blessed with such a space, cherish it, rejoice in it and plant it to the teeth! Do it for my sake.

Florida Courtyard Fountain Garden

The spacious courtyard fountain garden at Pinewood Estate in Lake Wales.

This is the courtyard garden at Pinewood Estate in Lake Wales, Florida. It differs from the other coutyards featured on this page in that it is situated just outside the home's front entrance and so is less private than the others.

It is where the Estate's many visitors gather and wait for daily tours of this 1930s mansion to begin.

It is a pleasant, comfortable space filled with Giant White Birds, Golden Butterfly palms and the sound of water trickling from the fountain. The benches placed around the perimeter get a lot of use.

Learn more about this courtyard landscape design and see pictures of the other gardens at Pinewood, here.

A Moroccan Courtyard Garden Design

Moroccan courtyard landscaping.

This elaborate, enclosed garden courtyard exits on three levels. Patios occupy the first two, the third holds a shed.

There is a fountain at the center of the first patio (the photo shows just a glimpse of this). Glazed clay pots filled with succulent plants sit on its ledge. When the homeowner entertains, these may be moved and the ledge used as extra seating for guests.

Colorful tiles are laid out in decorative patterns on the patio floors.

This courtyard garden benefits most from the raised planters which line its walls. The depth of good soil these allow for is the reason this landscape is so lushly planted. The palm trees, Chusans, are the plants most responsible for this effect.

Shed in the Moroccan style garden.

The shed in this Moroccan style garden blends beautifully with its surroundings.

If you can possibly spare the space, consider adding a shed to your landscaped courtyard garden. It will give you someplace convenient to hide all the things you need to maintain the space but don't want on constant display.

As long as the shed is in harmony with the style of the garden, it won't compromise the integrity of the courtyard landscape design.

Courtyard Gardening Books:

The Courtyard Gardens of Cordoba

A geranium-filled courtyard in Spain.

White walls and a terra cotta floor have never been less boring! Wall hung blue clay pots stuffed full of flowering annuals fill this space with exciting color.

The householder's collection of salmon, red and lavender geraniums hold court here year round.

A larger Spanish courtyard landscape design.

Here, a larger Spanish courtyard landscape design overflows with foliage and flowers. Geraniums, a floral favorite in this part of the world, adorn the walls and occupy pots on the floor. You can see a closer view of the Regal Geranium in the strawberry pot, here.

Palms and Umbrella trees add the lushness that only bold, tropical foliage can provide.

Tiled patio opening onto the Spanish courtyard above.

This is the tiled patio which opens onto the Spanish courtyard above. This provides a shady vantage point from which to enjoy the flower show on hot days. A ceiling fan would make this area even more comfortable and provide air movement for the potted plants here.

Another view of the Spanish courtyard above

From this angle, you can see the Hydrangeas and climbing vines which are also part of this courtyard landscape design in Cordoba where these gardens are so beloved that an annual festival is held to celebrate them.

Private courtyards all over the city are opened to the public.  Visitors stroll through and gather landscaping tips to take home and use in their own enclosed gardens.

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