Cuthbert Grant Rose
Parkland Explorer Roses

Rich red Hybrid Tea roses adorn the Cuthbert Grant rose from earliest spring to frost. This Shrub rose is unique in that it blooms on new and old wood. Best of the cold hardy Explorer Series roses.

Cuthbert Grant rose.

The mature size of this hardy shrub can vary depending on where and how it is grown. Expect it to top out at 3-6 feet tall and maybe 4 feet wide.

The very thorny canes are densely covered in extremely disease resistant foliage.

Because it blooms on old wood as well as new growth, it will be one of the first roses to delight you each spring. Once the plant matures, it will cover itself with hundreds of high-centered, double blooms.

The flowers form at the tips of somewhat thin stems which tend to droop a bit. Also, the velvety red petals take on a purplish hue as they age and are not long lasting in water. Despite all of this, they make surprisingly enjoyable cut flowers.

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You will cherish them in bouquets as they exude a satisfying sweet rose fragrance. After the first spring flush, the flowers will reappear throughout the summer on new wood.

Like other Parkland Explorer roses, Cuthbert Grant is recommended for planting in zones 3a-8b.

You will not regret investing in this easy-to-grow landscape rose.

Cary Grant Rose

Cary Grant rose.

A Cary Grant rose with Crepe Myrtle flowers.

This fragrant Hybrid Tea rose was commissioned by Barbara Harris Grant (the actors 5th wife) to be presented to her husband for Valentine's Day 1986. It was hybridized by Meilland and introduced to the public the following year.

The huge, bright orange blooms are held upright by long thorny stems lined with dark leaves. They make lovely cut flowers.

This heat tolerant Shrub rose grows to 4 feet tall and shows good disease resistance.

Plant it in USDA zones 7-9.

Rose, Mojave

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I was unable to find a Cary Grant rose for you to purchase but I think I may have found you something even better. Mojave is strikingly similar to Cary Grant.

These large orange blend roses emit a fruity perfume. They bloom repeatedly from June to frost on vigorous Hybrid Tea plants.

Mojave has won numerous awards including the Geneva Gold Medal in 1953 and the AARS in 1954.

Wishing Well: PVC

Wishing Well: PVC

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Champlain Rose
The semi-double flowered Champlain rose is an extremely cold tolerant Canadian Explorer rose. Clusters of blood red roses grace the free blooming shrub from early summer until stopped by a hard frost.

Pillow Fight Rose
The white flowers of the Pillow Fight rose look as soft and fluffy as pillow down and waft a dreamy honey perfume through the air. This low growing Shrub rose produces these small but numerous blooms all summer.

The Yellow Rose of Texas
Harrison's Yellow rose is the yellow rose of Texas. Rosa harisonii is classified as a Hybrid Foetida rose. Texas yellow rose plant picture and care instructions.

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