A Dark Red Rose
Black Red Hybrid Tea Rose

This dark red rose features petals so deep they appear nearly black. It's the closest thing to a black rose that you can grow. Black-red Hybrid Tea rose, 'Almost Black' is fragrant as well. List of black roses.

Incredibly Low Price on 'Almost Black' Roses

For decades, rose breeders have been trying to develop a rose with black flower petals.

They have yet to succeed.

What they have managed to do is breed a very small number of nearly black or almost black roses.

'Almost Black' is the best of this class.

High centered, pointed buds open into the darkest red rose flowers you are likely to see anywhere. Each bloom appears at the end of a long stem clothed with leathery dark green, glossy foliage. The fragrant flowers are fully double with reflexed, velvet-textured petals.

These elegant roses arrive in flushes from spring to fall on upright plants which will reach 4-5 feet in height at maturity.

Plant these black red roses where their unique color and scent can be appreciated up close.

'Almost Black' roses make extraordinary cut flowers and meaningful gifts. They are striking when used in a bouquet by themselves. They can also be depended on to add drama and mystery to any floral arrangement.

This dark red rose bush is winter hardy in zones 5-10.

The Hunt for the Elusive Black Rose

Despite the fact that, as yet, black is not a color in which roses bloom, no less than 24 cultivars have flowers which have been described as black at some stage of their development.

Here are the facts:

  1. Black roses are always deep red roses.
  2. Rose blossoms do not usually "hold" their hue from bud stage through to maturity; it changes, at least a little, as the bloom ages.  In some varieties the change is more dramatic.
  3. The weather has a marked effect on this process.  Sometimes so much so that the same rose grown in two different climates will bloom two different colors!

In so called "black" roses, the color changes to black (or near black) at some stage or under certain climactic conditions.  To date, a rose that forms black buds and then opens black has not been introduced.

Still Want to Grow Black Roses?

Here's the best way:

  • Find a dark red rose with the word black in its name.  Not all black roses have the word in their names, but many do.  Conversely, some roses whose names contain the word black do not turn black at any stage, and some cultivars without the word do.

    Nevertheless, the word black in the cultivar or trade name of a dark red rose is a good indication that you are on the right path.
  • Install said rose in your garden and nurture it into bloom following the directions in the various rose care articles on this site.
  • Watch the blooms as they develop.  Make note of the conditions under which the color deepens so you can cut the flowers when they are at their blackest.

A List of Black Roses

To make your search easier, here's a list of red roses that either fade to black or form black buds.

'Mister Lincoln"

'Mister Lincoln' - Forms black buds and is fragrant at every stage. Hybrid Tea

'Black Beauty' - Appears black at the bud stage and on the petal reverses. Hybrid Tea

'Black Ice' - A Floribunda rose which forms black buds.

'Black Jade' - A nearly black miniature rose. Flowers so dark that show judges somtimes use flashlights to inspect them.

'Black Prince' - An old Hybrid Perpetual whose open blooms appear black when it is grown in semi-shade.

'Black Garnet' - Another Hybrid Tea with blackish buds and petal reverses.

'Black Velvet' - Burgundy open flowers that appear to be overlayed with black under certain lighting conditions. HT

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