The Prettiest Dark Red Roses

The best dark red roses to plant in your garden. Burgundy, scarlet, carmine, crimson and purple reds. Blood red roses. The beautiful black red rose, 'Almost Black'. Deep red 'Climbing Don Juan'.

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Deep red roses are considered to be a symbol of romantic passion in the United States. As such they are often given as Valentine's Day gifts. The symbolism is not exclusive to the U.S. In Spain, Catalonian lovers often exchange red roses in recognition of St. George's Day (a day of joy and blessings).

The following selections are sure to bring joy to your home and garden:

Hybrid Tea Roses

Rosa 'Abraham Lincoln'

'Mr. Lincoln'


'Cesar Chavez'

An 'Almost Black' rose.

'Almost Black'

The Abraham Lincoln Hybrid Tea rose produces rich, red, exhibition quality flowers. The 6 inch blooms of the Lincoln rose are also powerfully fragrant and hold up well when cut.

Rosa 'Cesar Chavez' is a disease-resistant hybrid tea with dark green glossy leaves.

It grows to a height of 5 feet in USDA zones 5-10.

Its slightly fragrant, 4 inch flowers contain 35 petals each.

The velvety, true red blossoms make good cut flowers.

'Almost Black' is the dark red rose to grow if you desire black roses.  Several roses have the word "black" in their cultivar name.  None of these plants bloom black as it simply is not a hue which exists among roses. 

At least, not yet.  I'm sure the hybridizers are attempting to rectify this  egregious wrong as we speak.

What so-called black rose flowers are is dark red.  During certain types of weather, and at cetrain stages of their development, the blooms appear to be black or reddish black.

'Chrysler Imperial'

'Vetrans Honor' Rose

'Veterans Honor'

'Opening Night'

Rosa 'Veterans Honor' is also a Hybrid Tea rose.

The raspberry-scented, high-centered flowers can last for 2 weeks in an arrangement. At 5-6 inches, the blooms are huge. They appear atop 18 inch stems and contain 25 petals.

The color fades a bit, attractively, as the blossoms age.

The petal-packed blooms of 'Chrysler Imperial' have difficulty opening in cool weather. The bush gives its best garden performance in warm climates.  This rose's fragrance is as rich as it hue, and it is worth growing for that alone.

The velvety crimson petals of 'Opening Night' fade to a stunning hot pink as they age.  The long-lasting blooms grow singly on straight stems.  They achieve their best form in cool climes.  This tall, vigorous, and disease resistant plant is hardy in zones 5-10.

'Crimson Glory'


The irresistible perfume of 'Crimson Glory' has captivated many a gardener.  But, if you are growing roses for cutting or exhibition, there are better choices.  This old (1935) Kordes introduction suffers from weak necks.

Award winning 'Mirandy' has survived in commerce for more than 50 years which is no small feat for a rose.  It has its darkest red flowers and strong Damask scent to thank for its long-lived popularity.

Climbing Rose Bushes

Rosa 'Don Juan'

 'Don Juan'

'Rambling Red' Roses

'Rambling Red' Rose


'Climbing Blaze'

The 'Don Juan' Rose is a 10-15 foot climber that never disappoints. I have one of these trained against the south facing wall of my home. I never spray it, and it has never lost more than a few leaves to black spot.

The flowers are beautifully fragrant and appear in large numbers.

'Blaze' will blanket any wall, arch, or trellis you train it onto in giant clusters of cupped, scarlet roses. 

An easy-care source of lightly scented roses in the U.S., 'Blaze' is vulnerable to mildew when grown in the U.K.

The Hardiest Dark Red Roses

'Cuthbert Grant'

'Cuthbert Grant'

'Champlain' Rose

'Champlain' Rose

'Queen O' The Lakes'

'Cuthbert Grant' and 'Champlain'are Canadian Explorer roses which may be grown from zone 3a (with snow cover)-9b.

'Queen O' the Lakes' is a Brownell Sub-zero rose bred to withstand icy winter temps.

'Rhode Island Red'

'Henry Kelsey'

'Henry Kelsey'

Rose, Arctic Flame

'Rhode Island Red' is unique among climbing roses in its extreme hardiness.  It will withstand freezes down to 15 degrees below zero F.  This profuse bloomer throws disease resistance in as an added bonus.

'Henry Kelsey' is a short climber which may also be grown as a weeping shrub.  Bred in Canada in 1984, it is hardy into zone 3.  Its bright red, self-cleaning flowers appear in huge, spicily fragrant clusters throughout summer fall.

'Arctic Flame' is another Sub-Zero Hybrid Tea rose.

Red Ground Cover Roses

Red Flower Carpet rose.

Red Flower Carpet Roses

Rose, Fantasy Red

Flower Carpet is the trade name of a line of stunning, high performance groundcover or carpet roses introduced by Anthony Tesselaar Plants and bred by Noack Rosen.

These exceptionally disease resistant ground cover roses have won more than 25 rose awards worldwide.

Dark Red Landscape Shrub Roses

Rose - Easy Elegance® Super Hero Rose

Red Knockout roses.

Double 'Knockout' Roses

Easy Elegance® Kashmir

Home Run is a descendant of the popular Knockout rose bearing blood red roses on a more compact and disease resistant shrub.

Home Run is just as resistant to black spot as Knockout but more resistant to both powdery and downy mildew. This fragrant, easy care rose is almost always in bloom.

'Kashmir' is a dark and mysterious member of the low-maintenance Easy Elegance rose series.

Red Floribunda Roses

Floribunda roses are the best all-around roses you can grow. They are better looking landscape plants than their Hybrid Tea cousins and their blooms hold up pretty well when cut.

Floribunda flowers are large, although not usually as large as HT blooms, and they arrive in clusters.  They lack the HT's long stems, but a well fed Floribunda will literally cover itself in flowers giving the bushes greater impact in the landscape and providing a greater number of blooms for cutting.

Rose Trees

Purple-Red Roses

'Burgundy Iceberg'

'Burgundy Iceberg' Rose

'Burgundy Iceburg' is a Floribunda rose which bears deep purple red roses on a densely foliated bush.

Like its namesake, 'Iceberg', 'Burgundy Iceberg' is hardy to 0 degrees F. It grows into a 3-4 foot tall and wide shrub.

Thoughtful siting is in order as the unusual color of the blooms can be difficult to blend with other flowers. Try it with yellow flowers and silver or gray foliage. If all else fails, white goes with everything.

Rose - Night Owl - Climbing

Rose - Red Drift® - Groundcover

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