Date Palm Tree Pictures
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Date palm tree pictures to help you in choosing date palms that will suit your landscaping plans. Photos of various date palm tree types growing in commercial and residential landscape designs.

Wild Date Palm Pictures

Silver Date palms on a beach in Egypt.

Phoenix sylvestris growing on a beach in Egypt. The Silver Date palm is very similar in appearance to Phoenix canariensis and P. dactylifera but it is considered by many to be the superior date palm of the 3.


  • It reaches the stately height of 50 feet much more quickly than its cousins.

  • It suffers fewer disease and insect problems.

  • It is less prone to transplant shock and establishes more easily.

  • It can be grown on the chalky soils of South Florida and the Caribbean.

  • Date Palm Picture

    Date palm trees in Egypt.

    Here are more Silver Dates growing in a more inland location in Egypt.

    Another name for P. sylvestris is the Sugar Date palm. But don't let the sweet name fool you. This is not the Date to grow if edible fruit is what you desire.

    The fruit of the Sugar Date is edible but too bitter to enjoy.

    It is called the Sugar Date because of the sweet sap produced by its flower stalks. In the tree's native India, this sap is boiled down and processed into date sugar.

    Canary Island Date palm outside a hotel at night. In this Canary Island Date palm picture the trees are part of a commercial landscape design.

    You can barely glimpse the pineapple crown nut typical of this species in the evening light.

    These tall Phoenix palms (canariensis as well as dactylifera and sylvestris) are particularly well suited to commercial landscapes because of their size when mature.

    The pineapple crown nut makes Phoenix canariensis irresistible to many homeowners and I often see it used in residential landscape design here in Florida.

    I feel that when using it in the home landscape, it should only be planted around multi-story homes. When planted outside a single story building, it looks cute when it is young. As it matures, it will grow to be out of scale with the house.

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    Pineapple palm trees in Las Vegas.

    In this palm trees picture, Pineapple palms have been used to landscape the Eiffel Tower restaurant in Las Vegas.

    Date palm tree pictures. Phoenix dactylifera in Las Vegas. Here, you can see how striking Phoenix dactylifera is set amidst the street and landscape lighting in Las Vegas at night.

    The full, rounded crown of mature edible Date palms is this tree's most attractive feature.

    It takes trees of each sex planted in close proximity to make fruit production possible. If you are using this species in landscaping driveways or other paved areas where fruit would make a mess, plant only male trees and you will not have a problem.

    Date Palm Fruit

    Date palm tree fruit picture.

    The succulent, almost too sweet dates are only produced in dry hot climates.

    Young edible Date palms will sucker from both the trunk and roots. The trees can be propagated using these suckers if you like.

    By the time this species reaches flowering age, most of this suckering will have ceased.

    Canary Island Date Palm Tree Pictures

    Canary Island Date palm pictures.

    The big pineapple on the lawn of this Hilton Head, South Carolina home is a P. canariensis. Most of the other palm trees used in this front yard landscape design are Sabal palms.

    The Sabal is the state tree of both South Carolina and Florida and is reliably hardy in both climates.

    Pineapple palm planted beside a rustic garden shed.

    This cute garden shed is flanked by a Canary Island Date on 1 side and an Australian tree fern on the other.

    Small Palm Trees for Landscaping

    Pygmy Date palms used in patio landscape design.

    Phoenix roebelenii is the smallest of the Date palms. This makes it more useful for small yard landscaping projects.

    In the landscape design picture above, several small Pygmy Dates are used effectively in the patio landscaping at Rosewood Mayakoba, a luxury resort on the Riviera Maya in Mexico.

    I love the way the landscaping here connects the different patio levels and wraps around the seating area. The placement of the rocks and boulders, within the bed, is quite nice as well.

    The cacti and agave plants look right at home with the roebelenii palms. The colorful blooms in the corner are those of the bougainvillea.

    If you use Pygmy Date palms in your home landscape design, place them away from areas where children and pets play.

    Those feathery fronds are not quite as soft as they look. Date palms produce sharp needles at the point where the fronds emerge from the trunk.

    You can see more Pygmy Date palm tree pictures on the Palm Tree Pictures page (link below).

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