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Backyard deck design ideas. Outdoor patio and deck designs. Creative ideas for combing a deck with a patio in the same residential landscape design. Landscaping around decks.

Decks with a Little Something Extra

This deck has a set of stairs on it leading to a smaller observation deck on the roof.

The home is located a few blocks from the Atlantic ocean. The view of the water is much clearer from the roof than it is from the larger deck below.

This is a throwback to the widow's watch of Victorian days. Many seaside homes had small observation decks on their roofs where the wives of seafaring men would go to watch for ships returning to port.

Backyard Gazebo and Deck
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The uniquely shaped deck features a gazebo as its focal point. Aside from being a striking decorative element, the gazebo provides a shady seating area.

The color of the wood is a near match to the brick on the home's facade causing the two structures to join seamlessly.

A small waterfall ringed with wax Begonias fills a tight corner between the gazebo's foundation and the stairs leading onto the lawn.

Lodge's Porch at Twilight
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Here's a deck design idea suitable for a large or wooded backyard. Instead of building the deck adjacent to the dwelling, it has been placed out into the landscape.

Lush, tropical landscaping on either side of the boardwalk connecting the deck to the house gives visitors a walk through the rainforest on their way to the seating area.

If bananas and palms will not survive in your growing zone, woodland plants could be effectively substituted.

Problem Solving Deck Design Ideas

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Two decks connected by a few stairs solves the problem of a change in grade.

A wooden pergola held up by stylish posts solves the common deck problem of overexposure to the sun.

The glaucous leaves and purple flowers of the perennial plants used near the structure perfectly compliment the colors of the hardscape.

Sometimes Less is More

Newly Constructed Prefabricated House on Block Island with Large Wrap Around Deck
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This minimalist deck design suits the clean, modern lines of the vacation cabin it surrounds. Its roomy "L" shape creates lots of extra square footage to catch the overflow of guests when the homeowner entertains.

Picture this cabin on the dunes surrounded by oat grass or reposing in a wood under the shadow of tall evergreens.

Patio+Deck Ideas

If your space dictates that you can only have one or the other, a patio is the more durable choice. That said, there are situations where a patio will not suit.

If the site is not level or you need an elevated surface, a deck is the obvious choice.

If you've got sufficient space, why not have your deck and a patio too?

When used in tandem, they make a stronger statement in the landscape than either can make on its own.

Home with Deck and Patio
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This unique deck design has 2 levels. It begins outside the sliding glass doors of the house and travels down 3 steps to the circular seating area. A few more steps lead you down to level 3, a round patio.

The landscaping around this patio/deck has been installed in curved beds. Even the plants echo the circular theme with their rounded, mounded shapes.

Area for Backyard Liesure
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Curved shapes are used again in this patio and deck design.

An oval-shaped flower bed softens what might have been a sharp or awkward corner where the structures meet.

The shape of the flower bed is accentuated by the position of the Japanese maple. It has been planted off to one side rather than in the middle.

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