Deer Resistant Shrubs

Deer resistant shrubs for every garden. Deer proof shade loving shrubs. Flowering, dwarf, evergreen, fragrant, and drought tolerant bushes. Fast growing privacy shrubs that deer hate.

Flowering Shrubs That Are Deer Resistant

Weigela - Red Prince

Hydrangea - Little Lamb

Rhododendron - P.J.M.

'Red Prince' is a repeat-blooming Weigela that will grace your yard with its scarlet blooms in late spring and again in late summer.  If you leave it unpruned, it will grow into a 9' x 9' specimen plant.  If you have the space, you could plant a row of them for a beautiful, blooming hedge.

'Red Prince' will not attract deer, but it will draw hummingbirds by the dozens!

In addition to masses of pink spring flowers, the evergreen 'P.J.M.' Rhododendron contributes foliage color to the winter landscape.  When cold weather sets in, its leaves turn dark red-purple.

Give it moist, acid soil in full sun to part shade for best bloom.

Proven Winners Selection Hydrangea paniculata 'Little Lamb', is the best Hydrangea for urban gardeners to plant.  It tolerates pollution, is adaptable to heavy clay or light sandy soils, and maintains its bright white flower color no matter the soil's pH.

Pomegranate, Wonderful

Nodding orange flowers on a 10' bush followed by fruits as decorative as they are delicious.

Fragrant Shrubs

Dwarf Butterfly Bush - Adonis Blue

Lilac - TinkerbelleĀ® - Tree Form

Peony Tree, Shimanishiki

The trained-to-standard 'Tinkerbelle' Lilac is like a flowering shrub on a stick.  This dwarf, Fairytale Series lilac is also powdery mildew resistant.

Dwarf Butterfly Bush 'Adonis Blue' is one of the best Buddleia varieties to grow in small gardens.  Maturing to about 4' tall and wide, it can also be used as a container plant.  Give it full sun in zones 5-9.

The red and white bicolored blooms of the Japanese Tree Peony 'Shimanishiki' will really liven up your indoor arrangements.  That is, if you can bear to remove them from the plant!

Evergreen Deer Resistant Shrubs

American Holly

Juniper - Blue Point

Bird's Nest Spruce

The forest green, spiny leaves of the American Holly are sure to be a a turn-off to the local deer, but their habit of clothing the plant from base to tip throughout its lifespan is certain to turn you on.

When planted as a hedge, its glossy, evergreen leaves will provide year round privacy.  Ilex opaca performs brilliantly in shady locations, and its scarlet winter berries are every bit as showy as flowers at a time of year when color is desperately needed in the landscape.

'Blue Point' is the most drought tolerant and wind resistant of the upright Junipers.  Low maintenance is an added bonus.  Trim it once per season to keep it neat.

The 'Bird's Nest Spruce' is a 3' dwarf conifer with a crazy shape.  As it matures, its outer branches rise above its inner branches giving the little bush a bowl shape.  Once it takes on this form, its fine, dense foliage cause it to resemble a giant bird's nest!

Of course, deer do not bother it, but neither does any other garden pest.  Add wind resistance to its list of features, and plant one in a pot on your front porch for a one-of-a-kind conversation starter.

Other Deer Resistant Spruces

 'Tempelhof' Hinoki False Cypress

Deer Resistant Drought Tolerant Shrubs

Barberry - Sunjoy Gold Pillar


Thuja, Green Giant

Barberry 'Sunjoy Gold Pillar' will light up your landscape like a pillar of fire when its bright yellow leaves turn orange-red each autumn.  The spring leaves of this upright-growing, deciduous shrub are red.  They turn golden in summers heat then back to red when cool temps return.

Three seasons of color and leaves that will not scorch.  'Sunjoy Gold Pillar' is the most garden-worthy yellow barberry bush available.

Firethorn is an evergreen bush that also provides a changing color show.  White May flowers are followed by the orange-red berries this shrub is loved for.  The berries are long lasting when cut and add a nice touch to autumn flower arrangements.

Deer Resistant Shade Loving Shrubs


Sweetbox, Fragrant

Mock Orange

If you want a small, evergreen shrub that is neat and pretty all year, disease and pest resistant, and tolerant of dry soil and shade, look no further!

Sweetbox is just what you've been longing for.  This compact bush will grow in full shade.  Nothing bothers it.  You get:

  • glossy, green leaves throughout the seasons
  • fragrant white blossoms in late winter when little else is blooming
  • dark red-black, ornamental berries after the flowers fall

All this on a deer resistant shrub just 3' tall.

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