Dianthus deltoides

Maiden Pinks

Dianthus deltoides is a reliably perennial dianthus. Commonly known as maiden pinks, the most popular selection is Zing Rose.

Stones & Dianthus Edging a Path Chelsea Flower Show 1993
Stones & Dianthus Edging a Path Chelsea Flower Show 1993

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All the maiden pinks have green foliage and pink or rose-colored flowers. They keep a low profile, growing to just 4-6 inches tall. Zing Rose Dianthus bears rosy red blooms in abundance from early summer until the first frost.

Dianthus deltoides Brilliant bears fuchsia blooms atop bronzy foliage that turns redish in cool weather.

Maiden pink Shrimp Dianthus bear crimson flowers the first year from seed.

Pinks flowers are ¾ of an inch wide and have toothed edges. They look as if they were cut out with pinking shears. They smell like cloves.

Set transplants 14 inches apart in part shade. They will spread quickly and make a good ground cover for banks. Shear them after the first flowers fade and they will bloom again. The nearly evergreen foliage adds interest to the winter landscape.

Maiden pinks are mat forming Dianthus plants that will self sow and cover a large area. If you don’t want them to self sow, keep them dead headed.

There is another pink with a similar name, Blushing Maidens Dianthus. This is a different member of the Dianthus family. It bears pretty, blush pink double blooms up to 2 inches wide that can be used in cut flower arrangements. The silvery foliage is an added bonus and really makes it stand out in the perennial border.

Confetti Mix is a seed packet containing several colors of maiden pinks.

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Dianthus, Frosty Fire

Dianthus, Frosty Fire

The Frosty Fire Dianthus begins blooming in late spring.

Reaches only 6" tall at maturity making this a perfect addition to the front of the flower border.

Dianthus Chinensis
Dianthus chinensis is the china pink Dianthus that is sold as an annual bedding plant in the garden centers each spring. It is actually perennial, only unreliably so, in zones 4-11.

Dianthus Caryophyllus
Dianthus caryophyllus is the clove-scented florist carnation. All about planting and growing fresh carnations from seed. Enjoy cheap, fragrant bouquets all season long.

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Cheddar Pinks
Of the cheddar pinks, Bath's Pink Dianthus gratianopolitanus is the most popular. But Mountain Mist and Firewitch Dianthus are close contenders for this title.

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