The 'Dipt in Wine' Coleus Plant & Other Red Edged Varieties

'Dipt in Wine' Coleus is only one of a stunning group of cultivars you can grow with dark red leaf margins. 'Kingswood Torch' and Wizard Mix. Coleus hybrids care and growing info.

Coleus - Dipt in Wine

This Coleus hybrid features large (to 3 inches) leaves with burgundy tips and yellow-green bases and petioles. This coloration gives the noticeably veined leaves the appearance of having been dipped in wine.

The mature height and spread of this plant is 18x18 inches. It is a quick grower in nearly any well-drained soil.

Growing Coleus 'Dipt in Wine'

Coleus - Fishnet Stocking

Coleus - Dark Star

Coleus - Chocolate Drop

One of this plant's best qualities is its adaptability to sun or shade.

When planted in full sun, it will require more frequent watering. But avoid over watering it or its growth may be stunted.

Too much water can also cause the leaves to turn brown.

This Coleus hybrid performs best in temperatures above 55 degrees F. It may be perennial in zones 10 and 11. Elsewhere, it is used as an annual bedding plant.

This durable, easy-to-grow plant will also make a dramatic focal point in your annual container garden.

It is so colorful that you may even want to consider overwintering it as an unusual houseplant.

Other Red-Leaved Coleus Plants

Coleus - Kingswood Torch

Coleus, Wizard Mixed Colors 1 Pkt. (50 seeds)

Coleus - Merlins Magic

The hot pink-red-orange leaf centers of 'Kingswood Torch' are rimmed in dark burgundy.  Plants grow12-18 inches tall and will glow like embers in any shady spot.

'Merlins Magic' is a compact-growing Coleus which shares the coloration of 'Dipt in Wine' but brings a novel oak leaf shape to the garden party.

This cultivar grows 10-16 inches tall.

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