Double Delight Rose
syn. Andeli

HT Double Delight rose flowers are powerfully fragrant and very large. Double Delight roses are a colorful blend of red, cream and pink. A Double Delight Hybrid Tea rose bush can reach 6 feet in height.

Rose, Double Delight

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The HT Double Delight was hybridized by Swim & Ellis and introduced in 1977. Its beauty caused it to be voted one of the World's Favorite Roses by the World Federation of Rose Societies.

The color of this rose is highly variable.

The 40 petals of the very full double blooms can be anything from cream edged in red to fully red with touches of pink, white and cream.

Double Delight rose flower, mostly red.

The nearly 6 inch blooms will not only be different colors at different times of year (bloom color is affected by humidity and temperature) but in different exposures and in different types of soil!

The richest coloration will be achieved with the rose sited in full sunlight. Sunlight and cool weather causes the red hues to develop.

But there's a bit more to the story.

In some gardens Double Delight roses will be pink and cream. In other gardens they will color up red. This is why you will find it depicted both ways if you search online for images of it.

Double Delight rose flower, pink.

There is a simple explanation for this.

The color seems to be affected by the pH level of the soil the rose is planted in. Acid soil produces pink and white blooms. Sweet soil produces red and cream.

If you are getting pink flowers when you wanted red, lime the bed.

The Double Delight Hybrid Tea rose seems to have confused itself with a hydrangea.

Whatever soil you plant it in, whatever the weather; one thing is certain. No 2 blooms on this plant will be alike.

Double Delight rose flower, red blend.

In addition to the aforementioned WFRS award, the rose Double Delight has won four others:

  • All-America Rose Selection in 1977
  • World Rose Hall of Fame in 1985
  • Baden-Baden Fragrance Award in 1976
  • James Alexander Gamble Fragrance Medal in 1986

    You'll notice that 2 of these were fragrance awards.

    This is one of the most strongly fragrant roses in cultivation. The wonderful scent makes it an even more desirable cutting flower.

    Add to this that these spectacular flowers occur on a free-blooming plant which grows into a more attractive full and rounded shape than most Hybrid Tea roses and how can you resist adding 2 or 3 of these to your rose garden?

    In fact, I suggest planting 3 in a triangle on a 3 foot spacing if you have the room. This will look like a single huge bush when the plants mature and provide you with enough flowers to cut for the house while leaving enough to scent the garden.

    I must mention that this is not the most disease resistant rose you can plant. It enjoys good health in dry climates like that of southern California. In humid places like the east coast of the U.S., it may require regular spraying against black spot.

    In cool, damp areas like the Pacific Northwest, it may be prone to powdery mildew.

    It can be trained as a tree or left to grow as a shrub. Double Delight gives rose growers the best of both worlds: exhibition quality flowers on a garden worthy plant.

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