The Double Knockout Rose
Rosa 'RADtko'

Info on the new and improved double Knockout rose. How to use pink and deep red double Knock Out roses in landscaping. Let Rosa 'RADtko' deliver a punch of color to your flower garden landscape design.

How to plant double Knockout roses for best growth and bloom.

Double Knockout vs Single Knockout

Double Knockout roses in a garden bed.

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Knockout double roses are an improvement upon the immensely popular single-flowered Knockout rose bush.

The double Knock Out offers greater disease resistance and cold tolerance on a shrub with twice the flowers.

The pink or deep red double blooms are produced from early June until stopped by a heavy frost. The large, fully double flowers have more of a traditional rose look than those of the original Knockout roses. They also make better cut flowers.

Double knockout bushes grow to 4 feet tall. They grow very full and thick on their own without any special pruning.

How to Plant Double Knockout Roses

Double Knockout roses in a front yard landscape.

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Rosa 'RADtko' is an even more adaptable plant than Rosa 'RADrazz', the original Knockout shrub rose.

William Radler has truly landed a knockout punch with this introduction!

Plant it in full sun to part shade in any free draining soil.

*Red double Knockout flowers will be light red on some soils and dark red on others.

For more explicit rose planting instructions see Knockout Rose Care.

Double Knock Out Roses Landscaping

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A pink double Knockout mass planting is a breathtaking sight. While double Knockout trees planted in matching containers flanking an entrance lend a stately air to a home.

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Either color would make a gorgeous low hedge around a patio where the beauty and fragrance of the flowers could be appreciated up close.

Protecting Double Knockout in Winter

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Double Knockout bushes are more cold tolerant than the originals and do not need to be covered. They are winter hardy into zone 4.

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