Drums of the Pacific Luau

Hyatt Regency Luau in Maui, Hawaii

The Drums of the Pacific Luau is one of the best luaus on Maui. The festivities take place, each evening, on the spectacular grounds of the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort on Kaanapali Beach.

Drums of the Pacific Luau imu pit. The imu pit where they roast the pig.

I took my husband Tiny to the Hyatt Regency Maui luau to celebrate his 40th birthday. I wanted it to be a special night and I was not disappointed.

I had purchased VIP seating tickets for us at the Maui Hyatt 2 days before Tiny's birthday. We were fortunate and seats were still available. If you plan to attend, I would advise you not to wait until the last minute to reserve seats as your special night might be sold out.

The Food

The food at Maui luaus varies little.

Usually there is an imu ceremony where a huge hog is lifted out of an underground oven.

  • This is turned into pulled or Kalua pork.

  • Also on the buffet are Mahi Mahi (a warm water fish)

  • Huli Huli chicken (Hawaiian barbecued chicken)

  • Lomi Lomi salmon (fresh tomato and shredded salmon salad)

  • Polynesian rice

  • tossed salad

  • poi (mashed taro)

  • and a variety of ripe, sweet, locally grown, fresh sliced fruit.
  • Coffee, tea and fruit punch are available as well as an open bar serving mixed cocktails, mai tais, beer, and wine.

    For desert try the macadamia nut cream pie or indulge in the pineapple cake or bread pudding.

    Because I had informed them that we were celebrating Tiny's birthday, they also served us birthday cake and gave us a video tape of the luau. I believe they normally sell these for $20.

    So be sure to tell them ahead of time if you will be celebrating a special event.

    I'm not going to rave about Drums of the Pacific Luau food. It was good. But let's face it, nobody goes to a luau in Maui for the food.

    Because, the truth is, there are plate lunch places all over Maui island where you can get better fare for A LOT less money.

    Tiny and I don't drink but even if we did, we would be hard pressed to drink up the difference in price between a $13 plate lunch and a $100 Hyatt Regency Maui luau ticket.

    We didn't go for the food. We went for the show.

    Drums of the Pacific Luau show stage with dancers and lit torches.

    The Drums of the Pacific Luau took us on a cultural journey around the islands of Hawaii, Tonga, Fiji, New Zealand, Tahiti, and Rarotonga.

    Polynesian dancers in traditional and ceremonial attire told the stories of the South Pacific through music and dance.

    The dances are sensual--almost erotic without being inappropriate for family viewing. (There were lots of children present and they seemed to enjoy the show.) I was amazed at how fast the hula dancers shook their hips.

    The female dancers are quite beautiful and the scantily clad males demonstrate strength and physical fitness in their performance.

    Most amazing of all was the fire dancer. He placed the burning knife into his mouth, passed it between his thighs and round his head several times. I don't know how he managed to avoid setting himself ablaze!

    Drums of the Pacific Luau fire dancer.

    There was even a hula lesson given. The audience was invited to participate. I could hardly believe it when my husband jumped up and ran up to the stage.

    The next thing I knew, the birthday boy was up there dancing the hula.

    It was a magical night.

    Tiny learning the hula at the Drums of the Pacific Luau.

    I chose the Drums of the Pacific Luau at the Maui Hyatt Regency hotel because one of the locals told me she had been to every luau in Maui and, in her opinion, Drums of the Pacific was the best.

    I have not been to them all so I cannot definitively state that the Drums of the Pacific Luau is the best luau in Maui. What I can say is that we had a wonderful time and both felt it was well worth the time and expense.

    We almost skipped going to a luau during our Maui vacation because of the $96 per adult ($119 for VIP seats) ticket price. I'm so glad we decided to splurge. Our trip to Hawaii wouldn't have been complete without this Maui luau.

    My Advice:

    If this is your first Maui vacation, go to a luau. Especially if you are celebrating a special occasion.

    Don't bother springing for the VIP seating though. It's not worth paying extra for because people who didn't pay for the VIP seats will walk up to the stage to take pictures and obstruct your view. You can see them doing so in the photo of the hula lesson above.

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