Dwarf Crepe Myrtle Trees

Miniature Crepe Myrtles

Dwarf crepe myrtle trees. Mini or miniature crepe myrtles under 6 feet in height. Small crape myrtles less than 15 feet tall. The cold hardy dwarf Tonto and other varieties.

Dwarf crape myrtles planted beneath power lines.

The difference between dwarf and miniature crepe myrtles is their size or height.

Dwarf crepe myrtles are small trees which grow to

a height of between 6 and 15 feet. This is roughly one third to one half the size of the tallest crepe myrtle varieties.

These are the best varieties to plant in small landscapes where they will be in scale with the other plantings.

A miniature crepe myrtle plant can range from 6 to 60 inches in height. These types of crepe myrtle trees are perfect for container gardening. The weeping types are especially well suited to growing in hanging baskets.

A mini crape myrtle can also be planted in the ground where space is at a premium or where a small shrub is required.

Dwarf Crepe Varieties

Dwarf Crape Myrtle Tree - Red Rocket

These are all 6-15 feet.

Weeping types of crepe myrtle trees

  • The pink 'Near East' and the white-flowered 'Acoma'
  • The rest are upright growers.

  • 'Okmlgee', 'Hopi' and the hardy crape myrtle, 'Tonto' are red
  • 'Zuni' crepe myrtle is lavender
  • The flowers of 'Prairie Lace' are red with white edges
  • 'Centennial' is a dark purple dwarf crepe myrtle
  • 'Pink Velour' crape myrtle
  • 'Burgundy Cotton' is a white crape myrtle with maroon leaves

  • Miniature Crepe Myrtle Varieties

    Mini crepe myrtles share a raised bed with split leaf Philodendron and liriope grass.

    A dwarf crepe stands sentry in the background.

    The sheared hedge at the corner is a Podocarpus.

    'Victor' is red'Pink Ruffles'

    6-18 inch minis

    • 'New Orleans' purple
    • 'Sacramento' is deep red
    • 'Delta Blush' is dark pink
    • 'Pink Blush' is pale pink
    • 'Lafayette' is lavender
    • 'Orchid Cascade' is lavender
    • 'Violette Filli'

    18-24 inch types

    • 'World's Fair' is dark red
    • 'Pixie White'
    • 'Houston' is watermelon red

    24-36 inch cultivars

    • 'Mardi Gras' is a purple crepe myrtle
    • 'Bayou Marie' is a red and pink picotee
    • 'Bourbon Street' is watermelon red
    • 'Baton Rouge' is red
    • 'Sacramento Weeping' is pink

    36-60 inch plants

    • 'Purple Velvet'
    • 'Chisam Fire'
    • The red and white 'Bicolor'
    • 'Cordon Bleu' is lavender

    'Tightwad Red'

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