Easy Going Rose
Yellow Rose Bush

The Easy Going rose is a golden yellow to apricot sport of the easy care Livin Easy rose. The double, cupped blooms of this Floribunda rose appear repeatedly over a very long growing season.

Easy Going rose flower.

If you are in the market for a low maintenance yellow rose bush, this easy rose might be just what you are looking for.

Easy Going is a Modern Cluster-Flowered Harkness rose which was introduced in 1996. Like its progenitor, Livin Easy, it lends itself to easy rose care.

The moderately full blossoms bear 25-30 ruffled petals and exude a subtle fruity fragrance. They are as pleasing in the vase as they are on the 4-6 foot shrub.

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The thorny, upright canes make it possible to train this Floribunda rose bush into a tree rose.

Though Rosa Easy Going is not quite as disease resistant as Livin Easy, it is still one of the most black spot resistant yellow roses you can grow.

Plant it in USDA zones 6a-10a and keep it deadheaded to extend its bloom season late into fall.

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