Easy to Grow Roses

A list of easy to grow roses. What makes for easy rose care? Simple rose planting tips. Easy Does It, Livin Easy and Oso Easy roses. Effortless ways to make roses bloom. Easy going rose types.

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Rose, Easy Does It

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This easy to grow rose will bowl you over with clusters of full, ruffled blooms in an apricot and pink blend.

These old-fashioned, mildly fragrant flowers appear on a disease resistant plant which grows to 4 feet.

In full sun, 'Easy Does It' is a blooming machine.

Everybody wants to grow beautiful, deliciously fragrant roses. Not everybody wants to spend their summer contending with the various rose diseases and pests that can plague these spectacular plants.

So, can you enjoy armloads of elegant blooms without the fuss?

Yes, but there is a trick to doing so.

You have to plant the right roses for your garden.

  • The rose you plant needs to be suitable for your climate. When you attempt to grow a rose outside of its recommended range, you are stressing the plant.

    Too much heat is just as stressful to some roses as excessive cold. Even if the plant survives these temperature extremes, it will fail to thrive.
  • What kind of soil do you have? Roses prefer a slightly acid soil. Very few roses will grow properly in an alkaline soil. If the soil in your yard is too alkaline to grow roses, try planting roses in pots.
  • How much sun do you have? A rose bush needs at least 6 hours of sunlight each day in order to remain healthy. Outside the Sun Belt, 8 hours is better.

Easy care roses are, first and foremost, disease resistant. When properly planted, sited, and spaced, they will not usually fall victim to fungal disease.

I say usually because the weather plays a role in the spread of fugal spores and gardeners have yet to find a way to control the weather.

Easy roses are also vigorous enough to shake off a touch of disease. Usually without being sprayed.

Easy Rose Planting Tips

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  1. Add organic matter to the soil before you set the roses in.
  2. Make sure the roses are in enough sun.
  3. Fertilize your roses at least twice per season. Underfed roses have more problems with disease.

Easy Ways to Make Roses Bloom

Rose, Fairy Pink Cushion

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Follow the easy rose planting tips above. To this add:

  • 1 or 2 more feedings per year using a bloom boosting (high middle number) fertilizer.
  • Make sure you are pruning your roses at the right time. Roses that bloom on new wood (repeat bloomers) should be cut back in late winter or early spring before they break dormancy. Plants that bloom on old wood (spring bloomers) should be trimmed right after their blooms fade.

Now that you know what makes roses easy care, let's talk about the plants themselves.

When it comes to ease of care, all types of roses are not created equal.

The Hybrid Tea rose is the most disease prone, difficult to grow class of rose because HTs are bred for flower form as opposed to garden performance.

Even so, there are a few Hybrid Teas that are much easier to grow than the rest of the class. The Peace Rose for instance. But, in general, if you want easy to grow roses, you should steer clear of the HTs.

Rugosa and Landscape Shrub roses probably tie for first place in the easy rose types competition.

Floribunda roses take second place because they are less fussy about having their roots crowded by other garden plants.

If you live in the south, China roses (like 'Old Blush') will be low maintenance roses for you while Sub-zero roses will perform better in cold winter areas.

List of Easy to Grow Roses


The Fairy Rose

Easy Does it Knockout Roses

Double Knockout Rose


Carefree Delight

Double Delight

Freedom Hedge Rose

Easy Going Rose Bush

Livin Easy Rose


New Dawn

Golden Showers Rose

Lady Banks an old garden rambler

Climbing Iceberg

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Rose - Easy Elegance® Kiss Me - Shrub

Climbing Show Garden

Oso Easy(TM) Rose - Happy Petit Pink

Rose, Rosa Rugosa

Rose, Miniature Pink

Rose, Pink Cushion Tree

Rose, Princess de Monaco

Rose, Climbing Queen Elizabeth

Rose, Climbing Zephirine Thornless

Rose Tree, Weeping Pink

Knock Out® Double Pink

Treasure Pink has 7" Blooms!

Rose, Knock Out® Pink

Fantasy Pink Ground Cover Rose

Rose, Fairy Pink Cushion

Rose, Curly Pink

Rose, Easy Does It

Miss All-American Beauty

Best Cold Climate Roses

Rose, Senior Prom
Rose, Climbing Rhode Island Red
Rose, Lily Pons
Rose, Climbing Viking Queen
Queen O' The Lakes
Rose, Climbing Show Garden
Rose, Victory
Rose, Purple Perfection Hedge
Rose, Red Robin Hood
Rose, Curly Pink
Rose, Maria Stern
Rose, Dr. Brownell

'Climbing Blaze'

Rose, Helen Hayes

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