Echinacea Harvest Moon

Echinacea paradoxa x purpurea Plant

Echinacea Harvest Moon is a cross between Echinacea paradoxa and the Echinacea purpurea plant. It is a member of the Big Sky coneflower family hybridized by Matthew Saul of It Saul Plants nursery in Alpharetta, GA.

<i>Echinacea</i> 'Harvest Moon'.

This is the same hybridizer who brought us the lovely coneflower 'Sundown'.

It is difficult to decide whether to classify Harvest Moon as a yellow or an orange coneflower. Its reflexed, overlapping petals are a golden orange. They coordinate perfectly with the rust colored cone.

The stunning blooms appear on 25-30 inch plants that are heavily branched and feature an abundance of healthy, dark green foliage.

The flowers are fragrant, great for cutting and beloved of butterflies.

Planting Coneflower Harvest Moon

Echinacea Harvest Moon

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Set plants 18 inches apart in a site that gets morning sun and afternoon shade. For best performance, dig copious amounts of organic matter into the soil prior to planting.

Keep it moist for its first few weeks in the ground.

Harvest Moon is drought tolerant once established and hardy in zones 5-9.

* A note for the coneflower garden: This variety tends to begin blooming earlier than most others. Its bloom season is from early spring thru summer.

Try planting this one with blue flowers like Cranesbill Geraniums or in front of a Plumbago plant for an eye-catching color combination.

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Coneflower 'Harvest Moon'

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