Echinacea paradoxa

A Yellow Coneflower Plant

Echinacea paradoxa is a yellow variety of the purple coneflower plant. It is commonly called Ozark coneflower as it native to the Ozark region of Arkansas and Missouri.

<i>Echinacea paradoxa</i> image.

A Yellow Echinacea Flower

This rare wildflower bears blooms that look just like those of any other Echinacea plant except that they are pure yellow instead of the more usual pink.

The showy blooms feature petals so reflexed that they look like skirts beneath the tall, brown central cones. The slightly fragrant blooms are attractive to butterflies.

The bright green leaves of this yellow coneflower are long and narrow which mimics the growth habit of the plant itself--tall and skinny. They are best planted in odd numbered groups. Three planted in a triangle formation will give the effect of one full plant.

Echinacea paradoxa plants will spend their first season or two developing deep tap roots. Each year the plants will grow larger until they reach their ultimate size of 36 inches tall by 15 inches wide. They can take a few years to become fully established.

Ozark coneflower will typically begin to bloom in its second season. The plants will bloom more heavily as they mature. The bloom in June and are a good transition plant between the spring and summer flowers.

The flowers dry well and look like the dried blooms of the pale purple coneflower. If you do not deadhead the flowers, the finches will eat the seeds.

Yellow Coneflower Seed

New Ozark coneflowers are best started from seed which should be stratified if you plan to sow it indoors.

In case you're interested, this coneflower has an easier-to-obtain lookalike: Echinacea 'Harvest Moon'.

Echinacea Harvest Moon

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