Ernest Markham Clematis

Ernest Markham Clematis (sometimes misspelled Ernst or Earnest). A cold hardy,deciduous, summer blooming clematis of the Clematis viticella group.

Clematis, Ernest Markham

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This is one of the longest-blooming Clematis vines you can grow. The 6-8 inch deep red to bright pink flowers begin in June and continues through August. Just when you think it has finished for the season, it surprises you with a late bloom flush in September.

This Clematis' flower very closely resembles that of the 'Ville de Lyon' Clematis vine.

Clematis Ernest Markham is a hardy vine which will grow to 15 feet under the ideal conditions. Otherwise, expect an 8 foot tower of flowers in zones 5-9.

Gardening with Clematis

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Plant this one in full to part sun and give it regular water.

The most important aspect of caring for the climbing flowering plant clematis is that you prune it at the correct time. Do not prune Ernest Markham in the spring. Wait until after it blooms.

Follow the instructions for pruning a clematis that repeat blooms on the Pruning Clematis page.

This red clematis will be the delight of your summer landscape.

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