Eureka Lemon

The Eureka lemon is 1 of the 2 most popular sour lemon varieties in the world. (The Lisbon lemon is the other.) There are 2 kinds of Eureka lemons: the pink Eureka variegated lemon and the plain yellow.

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The fruit of the Eureka is pretty much identical to that of the Lisbon lemon tree in both appearance and taste. In fact, you have probably purchased both at the supermarket at different times and never noticed the difference.

The yellow Eureka is the typical grocery store lemon. Three to four inch long ovals, bright yellow inside and out. They are practically seedless and very sour.

The tangy juice is used as a food flavoring, a household cleaner and for its numerous health benefits.

The common yellow variety is much juicer than the rarer pink fruit which is primarily grown as a novelty.

The Eureka Lemon Tree
Citrus limon Eureka

Eureka lemon tree with immature fruit.

Though the produce is essentially the same, the Eureka tree differs greatly from the Lisbon lemon tree.

The Eureka tree displays an open, spreading growth habit with few interior branches. It is thornless, or nearly so, and less vigorous than the Lisbon lemon. Eureka lemon tree in a pot. It will not take as much cold and is grown mainly in coastal California in the U.S. where Lisbon is the favored commercial variety.

The Eureka variety was discovered in Los Angeles in a group of seedlings grown from the seed of Italian lemons in the mid 1800s. Eureka lemon blossoms.

The productive trees begin to bear fruit at an early age. The fruit is produced nearly year round and is held at the tips of the tree's sparsely foliated branches.

This is not a tree that is tolerant of neglect. Only plant it if you intend to provide it with good lemon tree care. If you are a neglectful gardener, a Lisbon lemon tree would be a better investment for you.

Lemon, Dwarf

Lemon, Dwarf

This dwarf calamondin tree produces juicy, full-size 3" in diameter lemons! Use the fruit as you would any other lemon. You will also enjoy the fragrant white blooms of this miniature lemon tree. We ship well-established plants which will set fruit within twelve months.

Eureka Variegated Lemon
The pink lemons produced by the pink Eureka variegated lemon tree will supply you with pitchers of pink lemonade all summer. The lemon of pink lemonade fame has a bumpy green and yellow striped rind. Only the flesh is pink.

Rough Lemon
The Rough lemon tree is a cross between a mandarin orange and a citron. Citrus x jambhiri Lush fruit is of low quality so this lemon tree is used mainly as a rootstock for other citrus trees.

Ponderosa Lemon
The Ponderosa lemon is not a true lemon but the juice of the large, seedy yellow fruit is tart enough to be used as a substitute for lemon juice in recipes. Growing a Ponderosa lemon tree is the best way to obtain the fruit.

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