Floribunda Roses
Modern Cluster-Flowered Roses

Growing and pruning Floribunda roses. Varieties of Modern Cluster Flowered rose bushes. Floribunda climbing roses information. The best white Floribunda. The difference between Floribunda and Hybrid Tea roses.

What is a Floribunda?

White 'Iceberg' roses.

'Iceberg' is the Best White Floribunda

The Floribunda is a type of rose which is the result of crossing a Polyantha with a Hybrid Tea rose.

D.T. Poulsen of Denmark was the chief pioneer in developing this class of rose. It was his son, Sven, who introduced the first Floribunda in 1924 (the pink-flowered Else Poulsen).

The Poulsens shared one goal. To produce a breed of rose which would flourish in the severe climate of Northern Europe.

The word Floribunda means "flowers in abundance".

Floribunda rose bushes typically live up to it, blooming ceaselessly from early summer until stopped by frost.

Sadly, the term is falling out of favor. The International Federation of Rose Societies (the group responsible for classifying rose plants) has decided that it would be better to divide roses into Large Flowered roses and Cluster Flowered roses as opposed to Floribundas and Hybrid Teas.

Whenever you see the term Cluster Flowered rose used, the rose bush being described is most likely a Floribunda, but it could also be a Polyantha or Grandiflora. There is quite a bit of overlap between rose types.

The Difference Between Floribunda and Hybrid Tea Roses

'Gene Boerner' roses.

'Gene Boerner' Rose

'Honey Perfume'

'Honey Perfume' Rose

Pruning Floribunda Roses

How you prune them depends on whether they are shrubs or climbers. The rose pruning instructions here will guide you in either case.

There are mainly two:

  1. The size and shape of the flower.

    Hybrid Tea roses bear very large high-centered blooms which are long lasting when cut. Floribunda flowers are smaller, occur in large clusters, and may be flat or rosette shaped.
  2. The growth habit of the plants.

    Hybrid Tea rose bushes are generally very upright in their growth habit, flower only at the tips of the stems and can suffer from "bare knees". Most cultivars need to be hidden away in a cutting garden or planted behind other plants to keep their bare lower stems from showing.

    Floribundas are fuller, more rounded shrubs which clothe themselves from the ground up in foliage and flowers. This makes them more attractive and therefore more useful in the landscape. They are also the class of rose most amenable to being part of a mixed planting.

Floribunda Rose Varieties

'Climbing Angel Face'

'Angel Face' Rose

'Bonica' roses.

'Bonica' Rose

Floribunda Rose Care

You'll find care instructions for Floribundas, and many other types of roses, here.

The lavender blooms of the 'Angel Face' rose make it one of the prettiest of the purple Floribunda rose bushes. Its disease resistance is an appreciated added bonus.

There is also a 'Climbing Angel Face' Floribunda.

'Bonica' is a pink, double flowered Floribunda which can be used as a groundcover rose or a hedge rose.

Rosa 'Bonica' flowers in repeated waves throughout summer.

Hybridized by Boerner and introduced in 1968, 'Gene Boerner' grows into a 4x6 foot shrub. From mid spring to mid fall it will cover itself repeatedly in clusters of fully double, slightly fragrant roses.

'Gene Boerner' exhibits good resistance to the major rose diseases and is hardy in USDA zones 5b-9b.

The apricot-yellow rose flowers of the 'Honey Perfume' rose bush are spicily fragrant. 'Honey Perfume' is also an AARS winner so you know it will perform well in your garden.

'Hot Cocoa' Rose

'Playboy' rose in bloom.

'Playboy' Rose

'Hot Cocoa' wins my vote for most unusual color: orange dusted chocolate with hints of purple creeping in at certain times of year.

The 'Playboy' rose bush, syn. 'Cheerio', is compact growing orange rose that will add mild fragrance and sizzling color to your summer rose garden.

'Iceberg' (first image on this page) is available in white, burgundy, and pink.

Rosa Korbin is considered to be the best all-purpose rose you can grow.

The white 'Climbing Iceberg' is a climbing Floribunda rose which bears the same slightly fragrant flower clusters as the 'Iceberg' rose bush.

'Climbing Iceberg' will drape a wall in glossy green leaves and garlands of double blooms from spring to fall.

'Nearly Wild' rose bush.

'Nearly Wild' Rose

The pink edged white blossoms of 'Nicole'

'Nicole' Rose

Rosa 'Nearly Wild', is a Floribunda shrub rose which grows to 2-3 feet tall by 3 feet wide. Its flowers resemble those of wild rose bushes. Pink, fragrant single roses blanket the plant repeatedly from late spring to fall.

'Nicole' roses are a beautiful blend of dark red/pink, orchid pink, and white. The double, cupped blooms form on plants which are hardy down to -20 degrees F.


'Julia Child'

'Sunsprite' is one of the best dark yellow Floribunda roses available.  Why?  It cranks out tremendous numbers of oval buds which open into large, intensely fragrant flowers. It also repeats reliably and quickly.

Alas, the sunny blooms are unsuitable for cutting due to their tendency to shatter, but a finer bedding rose has yet to be introduced.  A row of these plants in bloom makes a stunning low hedge.

This rose is also sold under the names: 'Friesia' and 'Korresia'.

'Scentimental' Rose

Rose, Thornless 'Paul Neyron'

The whimsical 'Scentimental' is the result of a cross between 'Playboy' and 'Peppermint Twist'.  Its red and pink candy-striped blossoms are deliciously fragrant.

'Scentimental' performs well when bedded out or grown to standard in zones 4-9.

'Paul Neyron' is a French heritage Hybrid Perpetual dating back to 1869.  Paul's classic cabbage rose flowers are immense and fragrant.  The cupped blooms somewhat resemble those of the peony.  They appear, repeatedly, on a tall, vigorously upright bush which may be grown in zones 5-9.

Floribunda Roses for Sale

'Garnet' Patio Tree

'Nearly Wild'

'Sunsprite' Patio Tree

'Rainbow Sorbet'

'Red Robin Hood'

'Easy Does It'

'Hot Cocoa'

'Fairy' Pink Cushion

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