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The Best Rose Varieties for FL

A list of Florida roses. The best types of roses to grow in Florida. How Florida's 3 growing zones affect rose growers. Florida garden old rose and Fl wild rose varieties.

Love and Peace roses growing at Leu Gardens Orlando

Florida Roses 'Love and Peace' Growing in Orlando

The state of Florida spans 3 gardening zones. North Florida and the panhandle are in USDA zone 8. Central Florida is in zone 9 and South Florida falls into zone 10.

Because roses prefer cooler weather, rose growers in North Florida can choose from a wider range of rose varieties than gardeners on the peninsula.

In addition to the heat, Florida roses must contend with sandy, non-nutritious soil. Growing Roses in Florida will instruct you in providing good care for Florida roses.

Behavior of Roses in Florida

Remontant roses will bloom with greatest abandon in spring and late fall when the weather is coolest. Don't expect more than scattered bloom during the dog days of summer.

Our very rainy summer weather can encourage the spread of fungal diseases so keep a close eye on the plants at this time. These diseases can kill roses by defoliating them. Some varieties will shake off a touch of disease and keep right on growing and blooming.

If many leaves are falling, begin a spray program and continue it throughout the rainy season. If you are wary of chemicals, there are some organic rose sprays you can use.

Rose bushes tend to grow appreciably larger in Florida because of the long growing season. When I give a size range for a mature rose on this site, the larger end of the range pertains to roses grown in subtropical climates like ours.

Florida Rose List

Most of the roses on this list are recommended for all parts of the state.

Floribunda Roses for Florida

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Floribunda means "flowers in abundance" and these plants live up to the name. Their showy flowers appear in clusters in every color from snowy white to crimson. Floribundas are the most versatile of roses and are the best type to use in a mixed planting.

  • George Burns Rose
  • Honey Perfume
  • Neon Lights
  • Sunflare
  • Sweet Vivien

China Roses for Florida Gardens

Cracker roses blooming in Daytona

Cracker roses blooming beautifully in Daytona Beach, Fla.

China roses are good repeat bloomers. They range in height from 2-8 feet. China rose flowers bloom in shades of pink and red. Mutabilis, with its single flowers appearing in several colors all at the same time, is singular.

  • Louis Philippe, the cracker rose
  • Old Blush
  • Rosa mutabilis a.k.a. the butterfly rose
  • Ducher
  • Vincent Godsiff

Tea Roses to Plant in Florida

Florida roses planted at Leu Gardens Orlando.

The rose garden at Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL.

Tea roses originated in the Far East and are inherently tender. They grow and bloom nearly continually and never really become dormant.

These roses, with their double flowers in white, pink, many shades of yellow and apricot, perform especially well in South Florida landscapes.

  • Duchesse de Brabant
  • Madame Berkeley
  • Mons. Tillier
  • Mrs. Dudley Cross
  • Anna Oliver

Florida Friendly Noisettes

Noisette roses are crosses between China and Musk roses. The class consists of mounding shrubs and quick-growing climbers bearing clusters of flowers in pastel colors.

Noisettes grow well in South Florida and have strong rose fragrance. Plant them near patios and paths where their lovely aroma can be enjoyed often.

The following are shrubs:

  • Nastarana
  • Blush Noisette

Climbing Noisettes:

  • Lamarque
  • Marechal Niel
  • Alister Stella Gray

Other Climbers Suitable for FL

Hybrid Tea Roses for Florida

Plants For Sale:

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Tropicana Roses

Peace Rose Plants

Grown strictly for their large, high-centered blooms, Hybrid Tea roses are not the most attractive of garden plants. Expect them to grow very tall and upright. Watch them closely for signs of disease as they are the most disease prone of all the roses on this page.

The following varieties are planted in the rose garden at Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando.

Shrub Roses for Florida

My neighbor's Knockout roses

My next door neighbor's double Knockout roses.

The low-maintenance shrub roses are very popular in the Sunshine State. Their easy care makes them good Florida roses for gardeners with busy lifestyles.

  • Knockout Roses
  • Palmengarten Frankfurt Rose
  • Citrus Splash
  • Oso Easy Series Roses
  • White Out
  • Home Run

White Out Rose

Pink Knockout Rose Tree

Knockout Rose Tree

Sunny Knockout Rose Tree

Rainbow Knockout Rose Tree

Oso Easy(TM) Rose - Happy Petit Pink

Rose - Oso Easy Strawberry Crush

Oso Easy(TM) Rose - Happy Candy Oh!

Florida Roses to Use as Groundcover

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Several of the Drift series of roses can be seen growing in the University of Florida Discovery Garden.

Sweet Drift® Rose

Coral Drift® Rose

Florida Wild Roses

I do not know of a native Florida rose. However, a few roses of European extraction have naturalized here.

The following species roses are classified as potentially invasive in North Florida:

Rose Gardening Guide:

Growing Roses in Containers

Why Buy Bare Root Roses?

Tips for Growing Roses from Cuttings

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