Flower Carpet Rose

Is Flower Carpet rose the best groundcover rose? Flower Carpet roses care and pruning. Rose Flower Carpet vs other ground cover roses. Flower Carpet red rose. Carpet rose flower pink. Carpet Flower rose yellow.

Flower Carpet rose yellow.

Carpet Flower Rose Yellow

Flower Carpet is the trade name of a line of stunning, high performance groundcover or carpet roses introduced by Anthony Tesselaar Plants and bred by Noack Rosen.

These exceptionally disease resistant ground cover roses have won more than 25 rose awards worldwide.

Gardeners the world over prize them for the season-long color they bring to the landscape as well as their easy care. Some are even fragrant!

Flower Carpet Yellow (Rosa Noalesa)features semi-double 2 inch blooms which arrive in clusters of 5 or 6 on plants up to 3 feet tall. This is the most upright growing of all the Flower Carpet roses. It also starts to flower a bit earlier than the other colors in the spring.

This rose is winter hardy into zone 5 (with protection) and it stands up well to zone 10 heat if sited in part shade.

Carpet Rose Flower Pink

Flower Carpet rose pink.

Flower Carpet Pink (Rosa Noatraum), displays masses of 1 1/2 inch wide flowers on low-growing rose bushes 2 feet tall by 40 inches wide. The blooms arrive in clusters of as many as 18 flowers. They are not fragrant but make up for this by their sheer numbers.

Hardy in zones 5 (with winter protection) to 10.

Flower Carpet Red Rose

Flower Carpet rose red.

Flower Carpet Red (Rosa Noare), will adorn your garden with 2 inch wide, dark red single flowers with visible yellow stamens. The foliage is dark green and shiny with burgundy edges which pick up the flower color nicely.

These red velvet flowers are not fragrant but they are profuse, arriving in clusters of 25-30.

The plant on which these striking blossoms grow is 2 feet tall and spreads to 40 inches.

Hardy in zones 5-10.

Others in the Flower Carpet Series:

  • Flower Carpet Amber shrub rose - a newer, Next Generation rose with improved disease resistance and heat tolerance. Orange-gold to peach semi-double blooms with pink undertones are lightly fragrant. The plants have a compact, rounded habit and grow to 2-3 feet tall. Space Flower Carpet Amber shrub roses 2 feet apart.

  • White Flower Carpet rose (Rosa Noaschnee) - This is one of the most disease resistant white roses available. The 2 inch wide flowers are fragrant to boot! This is also the most compact plant in the Flower Carpet series. It grows to just 1 1/2 to 2 feet tall with a 3 foot spread. Blooms in flushes from spring to fall.

    Carpet Roses Care

    Set the plants into beds of prepared soil on 3 foot centers. Flower Carpet roses will tolerate many different soil conditions but peak performance will only occur in the rich, friable soil that all rose bushes prefer. Dig in plenty of organic matter before planting for optimal results.

    All day sun will produce the greatest number of blooms but the plants will bloom reasonably well in part-day sun.

    Established carpet roses are drought tolerant.

    Feed the plants with a balanced rose fertilizer in spring and late summer.

    No routine spraying is required for these disease resistant ground cover roses. Spray only if a problem arises.

    Pruning Carpet Roses

    The thing many gardeners like about this series is that you don't have to prune it at all if you do not wish to. The plants will still flower fairly profusely.

    But for optimal bloom, yearly pruning is recommended.

    Cut the shrub back to about 10 inches tall in early spring. You can do this with a hedge trimmer.

    That's it. No deadheading. No picky hand pruning.

    So, how does Flower Carpet stack up to other groundcover roses?

    The roses in this series are spectacular, especially when massed but there are other groundcover roses that are more disease resistant and easier to maintain.

    Flower Carpet roses need some care to perform as promised. You will need to water and feed them more than you might have to with some others. Also, only the red Flower Carpet rose really stands up to intense heat. Left to see to themselves, they don't bloom all that well.

    Other Ground Cover Roses You May Like

    Rose, Fairy Pink Cushion

    Click Here to Buy Fairy Roses

    The Fairy rose is perhaps the toughest of all the cascading roses. They get my vote for best groundcover rose because they are more cold hardy (zone 4a) than any of the Flower Carpet roses and they will spread further and even naturalize an area in time.

    The small pink flowers fade to white in summer's heat.

    The Kordes groundcover roses, Baby Blanket groundcover rose as well as Electric Blanket rose and Roseberry Blanket rose are quite popular with gardeners because they bloom more heavily than Flower Carpet and are less thorny.

    Another Kordes rose, Immensee a.k.a. Lac Rose is a fragrant, once blooming heirloom rose that sets the standard for disease resistance in ground cover roses.

    Pink Carpet Roses
    Buy pink carpet roses and groundcover roses here. Pink Fantasy and Floral Carpet ground cover rose plants. These disease resistant ground cover roses will beautify your landscape from spring to frost.

    Therese Bugnet Rose
    Therese Bugnet is a hybrid Rugosa rose bearing lilac pink 4 inch double flowers. The fragrant flowers appear continuously throughout the growing season on the 4-6 foot tall shrub rose.

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