'Fourth of July' Rose
syn. 'Crazy For You' Rose

The 'Fourth of Jul'y rose is a cold hardy and fragrant climber. 4th of July's  red and white, striped and splotched flowers will add explosive color to your summer garden.

Bees on a 'Fourth of July' rose blossom.

The large single blooms are cupped, occur in clusters and display groups of yellow stamens at their centers. Each flower petal is a work of art, presenting a unique blend of colors. Some will be bright red with clear white stripes. Others will be a blend of crimson splotched with hot pink and white.

The 3-4 inch flowers emit a heavenly lemony fragrance.

The thorny stems of the 'Fourth of July' climbing rose will quickly grow to a height of 10-12 feet. It is prized not only for its color but for its exceptional vigor and cold tolerance.

4th of July's bright green foliage is both pest and disease resistant.

Hybridized by Carruth and introduced in 1999, 'Fourth of July' even remains healthy in Florida's wet summer weather.

This Modern Climbing rose blooms repeatedly on new wood. Space plants 4-5 feet apart in zones 5a-9b.

Other Red and White Striped Roses

Rose - Scentimental - Floribunda Rose

Rose - Rock & Roll - Grandiflora Rose

'Scentimental' Stats:

Hybridizer: Carruth, USA, 1996

Parentage: 'Playboy' x 'Peppermint Twist'

Awards: All-America Rose Selection 1997

'Scentimental' (Rosa WEKplapep) is a pink and red striped Cluster-flowered bedding rose.  The striking blooms appear repeatedly throughout the growing season on bushy, vigorous plants clothed in healthy, large, medium green,textured leaves.

If you like rose trees, this is a good cultivar to train to standard.

As the name implies, the blossoms are fragrant.  Hardy in zones 4-9.

'Rock & Roll' (Rosa WEKgobnez) is a stately Grandiflora producing clusters of high-centered burgundy, red, and white flowers with off-white reverses.  These powerfully scented blooms make good cut flowers although their stems are not quite as long as those of a Hybrid Tea rose.  What 'Rock & Roll' lacks in stem length, it makes up in size with flowers up to six inches across.

Performs best in zones 5-9.

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