5 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

5 front yard landscaping ideas. Landscape design pictures show you how to: Say it with Shrubs, Let the Trees Tell the Tale, Get Creative and Create a Vignette and Frame a Focal Point.

Say it with Shrubs

Front yard landscaping picture featuring box hedges.

This front yard landscaping picture shows just how much weight shrubs can carry in a landscape design. The design here is comprised, almost exclusively, of Buxus.

By pruning small-leaved box into low hedges, tall hedges and spiral topiaries, visual interest is maintained.

Clumps of Fort Night lilies and a Canary Island Date palm tree complete the design.

Flowering azalea hedges in a front yard landscape.

You can Say it with Flowering Shrubs by planting azalea bushes as this homeowner has done. More flower power is brought in by the red and white Impatiens flanking the mailbox and edging the shrubs.

A pair of topiary trees gently lead your eye to the entrance.

Let the Trees Tell the Tale

Palm trees adorn a mansion in Hilton Head, SC.

The palm trees, that is. South Carolina's state tree, the Cabbage palm, is the ideal adornment for this Hilton Head mansion. The Pineapple palms add variety and visual interest to the planting.

Low clipped hedges at the home's foundation bring in more greenery near the ground where it is needed.

Do Fence Me In

White picket fence around an old fashioned farm house.

Certain home styles just demand to be surrounded by a white picket fence. The old fashioned farmhouse above is a case in point.

The white trim on the home and the white flowers in the cottage garden border growing just behind the fence tie it all together. The entrance gate is clearly marked by an arbor.

Large, mature shade trees lend an air of gentility and give a sense of longevity to this charming landscape.

A white bungalow with a front yard full of palms.

This bungalow in Coastal Georgia oozes picket fence style.

A pair of Sago palms flank the front stairs while planters filled with yellow mums perch atop the porch railings.

Landscape Safety Tip:

Stairs should always be highlighted. Paint them a contrasting color or set large containers on each side. You want their location to be unmistakable in any light lest a guest should trip.

Frame a Focal Point

Cypress and Ligustrum shrubs dominate a Daytona Beach front yard landscape.

Pencil cypress trees are perfect plants for framing doors and windows.

A home's entrance is always a focal point and any focal point in a landscape will benefit from being framed. Placing a tall, thin tree on either side of the object you wish to highlight is the botanical equivalent of outlining it with a Magic Marker.

Topiary arch framing a statue.

This topiary arch is different means to the same goal. A vinyl or wooden arbor could be used, with or without a flowering vine, to achieve much the same effect.

Get Creative and Create a Vignette

A life sized pelican, a Bird of Paradise plant, a few boulders and a yard of sand-colored gravel combine to create a seaside scene in front of this Ormond Beach home.

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