Outdoor Garden Benches for Sale

Keep Your Planting Area Organized with a New Potting Bench

Garden benches for sale. All kinds of outdoor wooden, metal, and resin park and storage benches. Best selling bench under $100. Many under $200. Straight and curved teak Spirit Song benches.

The right bench can be both a focal point in the landscape and a relaxing spot from which to enjoy a pleasing garden vista.

Bench Placement Tip:

A warm, sheltered spot where scent hang in the air will be most pleasant.

Seating is what turns a garden into an outdoor room, making it livable and enjoyable. A comfortable place to sit while pondering which of the season's best new perennials to order is a boon to any gardener.

The right bench can turn your front porch or back patio into an outdoor lounge.  When placing a bench in this type of outdoor setting, surround it with potted plants to integrate it into the garden.

Best Selling Iron Bench Under $100

Steel Tuscany Olive Branch Bench

A 100% steel bench with an antique bronze finish at an affordable price!  The 15.5" deep seat and curved arm rests insure comfort.  This classic design is a good fit for the most formal garden.

Daisy Chain Bench

Curved Spirit Song Bench

WindWeather Aluminum Garden Bench Outdoor Furniture

The Spirit Song Bench is for the discerning homeowner who appreciates organic design and for whom nothing but the best will do. 

Each Spirit Song Bench is an individualy handcrafted piece of teak sculpture.  They can be ordered with straight or curved legs.

The image above does not do this seat justice.  To see how this exquisite bench looks in a real world setting, click through to the sales page and read the reviews.  One reviewer submitted a picture of it on her patio.


Giant Praying Mantis Metal Garden Bench

Iron Owl Garden Bench Outdoor Furniture

Personalized Memorial Garden Bench

The Iron Owl Bench and the Praying Mantis Bench are the most unique garden benches for sale here. Made of reclaimed metal painted in primary colors, the giant mantis is as artistic as it is functional. 

Modern art for the landscape and a kid magnet if I've ever seen one.

If bright colors are not your style, choose the more traditional owl bench and add a piece of folk art to your front porch.

The Personalized Memorial Bench is a great way to honor a beloved pet.

Garden Benches for Sale Under $200

Premium Outdoor Benches

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