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There are hundreds of roses in cultivation today. (I'm being conservative. There may well be thousands.)

When you consider all the forms this greatly beloved plant can take, from miniature roses less than a foot tall which you can grow in a pot on a sunny windowsill to old garden ramblers like, Lady Banks a specimen of which has grown to cover 8 meters in Arizona.

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Roses come in every color except true blue and black (give the breeders time--they have come darn close to breeding a black rose and I have no doubt that they will achieve this). There are bi-colors, blends and even the occasional stripe.

You can grow Hybrid Tea roses for cutting or exhibition, groundcover roses to blanket bare areas in bloom or Shrub roses for low maintenance garden display.

When you consider the breadth and depth of the world of rose gardening caring for roses, is it any wonder that questions will arise?

There are 150 pages of rose gardening information on this site.

The rose garden in Elizabeth Park, Hartford, Ct.

Picture of the rose garden in Elizabeth Park in Hartford, CT

I will list a few of the most important pages below. There is a Google custom search box in the upper right corner of this page and a navigation bar down the left hand side that will help you find whatever info you need.

I encourage you to bookmark this page. Use it as a doorway into a world of rose gardening tips. This is the fastest way for you to find out what you need to know.

But even after having written 150 pages, there are still many aspects of rose gardening that I have not covered. I could never think of all the situations you will find yourself in while caring for these adorable and sometimes puzzling plants.

Should you find yourself on the horns of a rose gardening dilemma, use the section below:

Rose Gardening/Caring for Roses Questions Other Gardeners Have Asked

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My Knockout Rose Bush is Not Growing. Why? Not rated yet
I have 2 Knock Out rose bushes planted about 25 feet apart. One is doing great--growing and blooming really full. The other one has stopped growing …

Rugosa Roses Exposed to Chlorine Not rated yet
We have had these roses growing as a border hedge near a tidal river for fifteen years. Recently, our neighbors pool waste water from back washing the …

Can you point me in the direction to identify a rose? Not rated yet
My neighbour bought three of them in a newspaper offer a few years ago and has no idea what they are but they are stunning!!!!

Huge deep rich red rose........... …

Chemical Spray Burn on Roses
How to Recover
Not rated yet

My roses were being invaded by aphids and other insects so my partner gave them a spray with Rogor (a systemic insecticide) and ever since then …

Pink Mr. Lincoln Rose?
When I first purchased Mr. Lincoln he was deep red (spring). Now, he is fuchsia pink? (ending Summer) What can I do to return him to his historical value? …

Red Canes on Subzero Roses Not rated yet
My 3 year old deep pink sub zero rose has suddenly grown this section of deep red cane. What is it? Why? Is it a problem? Should I cut it out?

Thanks …

Color Change in Roses Not rated yet
What makes a rose change color? Is there something lacking in the soil?

I have a red rose that turned pink and a yellow and red rose that turned …

Rose Suckers and Blooms Not rated yet
I've been told that roses don't bloom on branches that come from the root; that they have to come from the crown. I am not sure what that means but saw …

Rugosa Rose Problem Not rated yet
We have Rugosa roses in a sunny spot.

They have been there and thriving for about 7 years.

This year the leaves are light green or yellowish and …

Non Blooming Climbing Roses
I have a very healthy climbing rose bush....(it looks better than my other ones). It will not produce any blooms.

This is its 2nd year.

Is it …

Rose Flowers Failing to Open
Sorry I do not have a photo. I have a rose bush, no idea what type, pale pink & softly aromatic. The leaves look very healthy, not being eaten by insects …

Newly Planted Roses Dying Not rated yet
I have 2 roses that I planted two months ago and although I have watered them and fed them they have gone brown and the leaves have gone brown also, please …

Blue Colored Roses Not rated yet
Is there a real blue rose tree?

Botanical Journeys Plant Guides

Live blue rose plants will range from lavender to a blue-lavender blend.

How to Get Cut Roses to Open Not rated yet
My husband got me roses for Valentine's Day. they will not open up! can I make this happen?

Botanical Journeys Plant Guides

Cut roses will …

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