Green and Yellow Leaves

by Marian Williams
(Epsom, UK)


I would like to have a plant for my pot at my front door that would last all year round. Is a perennial suitable for potting and is it the right type of plant to get?

It must be something with yellow and green leaves and that will brighten up the doorway. Can you advise please.

Many thanks

Mrs. Williams

Plant Guides Response:

I am located in the U.S., so I'm not sure what the lowest winter temperature is in Epsom. If it rarely falls below freezing, the following variegated shrubs may fill the bill for you.

The aucuba plant (also called the gold dust plant) has shiny green leaves which look as if they have been splashed with yellow paint.

It is a sub-tropical shrub which is grown for its foliage and does not flower. It will grow in sun or shade and people often use it to brighten shady spots.

The other plant that springs to mind is the flowering maple or Abutilon. There are a few cultivars which display variegated leaves.

Abutilon Cannington Carol is one of the shorter varieties (below 5 feet tall) with gold mottled, bright green leaves and red-orange flowers.

Abutilon megapotamicum Variegatum displays narrow, pointy green leaves brightly marked with yellow. The foliage is so showy that the red and yellow blooms are barely noticeable.

Abutilon pictum Thompsonii grows to 7 feet tall. Its green, maple-like leaves display creamy yellow spots. The orange flowers are an added bonus.

Click on the links in the text above to go to pages with more information on both these variegated shrubs.

I hope this helps you.

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Jul 21, 2010
Thank You
by: Mrs Williams

Many thanks for your advice, I will go with the Aucuba Plant as that is more like what I want. The other would grow too tall and the colouring is not as I would like.

Kind regards.

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