Landscaping with Groundcover Roses

Landscaping with groundcover roses. Using disease resistant ground cover roses in the garden. Choosing the best groundcover rose for your situation. Cascading roses.

Red groundcover roses planted in a woodland garden.

Red carpet roses adorn a woodland garden.

These low-growing roses typically display a mounding or spreading habit. Other than Immensee, the fragrant, spring blooming antique rose, they are free flowering and will provide beauty throughout the growing season.

Carpet roses look best when planted in multiples.

The exception to this is when planting a single cascading rose in a large pot or an elevated urn. One plant is perfect in this situation. Its stems will drip gracefully over the pot's rim.

Otherwise, plant 3, 5 or 7 of the same plant on 3 foot centers depending on how large an area you need to fill. The impact is greater and the effect more harmonious when all the plants used in an area are the same color.

Choosing the Best Groundcover Rose

Groundcover roses growing along a driveway.

Cascading roses edging a drive.

The first thing to consider is your climate. You will have less maintenance to perform if you choose plants that are hardy in your planting zone without winter protection.

Next, consider the exposure. For instance, Flower Carpet roses bloom much more heavily in full sun. If your planting site is in part shade, the Baby Blanket groundcover rose or one of the Fantasy roses may give a better performance.

Likewise, if you will be using the roses to cover a slope or planting them in very dry soil, Flower Carpet roses may struggle. The Fairy rose would be a better bet here. It stands up to drought, adversity and neglect better.

The final consideration is color.

In very hot weather, some rose colors will fade. Of the Flower Carpet series, only the red Flower Carpet rose is tolerant of high heat.

Even the tough Fairy roses will fade to white when temperatures soar. They will bloom pink again when the weather cools.

Choose a color that complements the other flower and foliage colors in your landscape. Do your trees change color in the fall? The roses will surely be flushing then.

Don't forget to consider the color of your house, hardscape and any outdoor furniture you may have as well.

Pink Drift Rose (Gift Box)

Pink Drift Rose (Gift Box)

Repeat-blooming compact rose reaches only 1.5 feet x 3 feet wide. Excellent for small spaces and planters.

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