Growing Hybrid Tea Roses

Instructions for growing Hybrid Tea Roses. Planting, pruning and caring for the Hybrid Tea rose bush. Discover how to care for HT roses plants in winter and how to coax the biggest blooms from them.

Rose, Double Delight

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The Hybrid Teas are the most popular group of roses. You can buy them in bush or tree form and there are Hybrid Tea climbers as well.

The stems are long and sturdy enough to support the large blooms. Hybrid Tea flowers typically form a high central cone and appear singly or in small clusters.

If you are growing Hybrid Tea roses for exhibition, you will want to prune them so as to encourage larger flowers to form. You will find instructions for doing this on Pruning Roses along with basic instructions for pruning Hybrid Tea roses even if you are not raising roses for show.

Planting Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid Teas should be planted according to whether they are bare root or potted. Planting Roses in Your Garden will guide you here. If you are planting a climbing Hybrid Tea rose, you will find instructions for planting climbing roses here too.

Hybrid Teas prefer to be planted in a bed by themselves or with other types of roses. You can mix them into a bed cottage garden style, but they are not the best type of rose to plant this way.

Floribunda roses are the most usefull group for a cottage garden style planting.

If you do decide to grow Hybrid Tea roses in a mixed bed, take particular care with the spacing. Give the HTs plenty of root run and allow space for air to circulate around their stems.

Hybrid Tea Rose Care

Rose, Paradise

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Unfortunately, the Hybrid Tea rose is the rose most responsible for the rose's reputation as a difficult garden plant.

Thanks to the diligent efforts of rose hybridizers, Hybrid Tea rose plants are now easier to grow than ever before.

Some types of Hybrid Tea roses, Peace for example, exhibit excellent disease resistance. If you use care in your choice of variety, you won't have a problem.

Still, the most disease free Hybrid Tea is not going to be as low maintenance a plant as most of the modern shrub roses. I'm speaking here of plants like the Knock Out roses.

Also, you should be aware that some Hybrid Teas have been bred for the show table and not for garden display. These plants will produce fewer flowers than a plant that was bred for garden display.

Read the descriptions carefully and choose according to your needs.

Overall, HTs provide less garden color than Floribundas and other shrub roses and they will not tolerate poor growing conditions as well.

When growing Hybrid Tea roses, keep their soil barely moist and feed them by sprinkling a handful of a granular rose food around each plant. Do this in the spring just as new leaves begin to form and again in midsummer.

If you prefer to use a liquid fertilizer, dilute it according to the instructions on the package and apply it monthly from spring to midsummer.

If you are growing Hybrid Tea flowers for show, supplement with a foliar feed. These liquid fertilizers enter the sap stream mere hours after they are sprayed onto the foliage. Their use has been proven to increase bloom size.

Use a proprietary product formulated for this use and avoid wetting rose foliage while the sun is on them.

Mulch the bed to conserve soil moisture and never let the plants dry out. Roses are shallow-rooted and will need frequent watering in very hot weather.

Wintering Hybrid Tea Roses

Rose, Peace

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Hybrid Tea roses generally prefer warmer climates. Most are only winter hardy up into USDA zone 6. The exception to this are the Sub Zero roses. If you are growing a rose at the coldest end of its range, you will want to provide some winter protection.

I am not normally a fan of winter pruning when growing Hybrid Tea roses but this is the instance in which I encourage it.

You will have to prune the rose back hard in order to make it small enough to be covered.

Fortunately, Hybrid Teas take hard pruning in their stride. You can cut the stems back to 18 inches.

To protect the plants from drying winds and freezing temps, mound 8 inches of soil around their bases. This serves to protect the graft union.

Tie the canes together to make the plant narrower and then wrap the exposed stems with burlap for additional protection when growing most Hybrid Tea roses in a cold climate.

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