Growing Parsley

One reason for growing parsley is its unique good looks. I once planted a ring of parsley plants around a peach tree. They flourished in the filtered shade, looking wonderful well into summer. No other garden plant is quite so cheerfully green.

A parsley plant growing in a mulched bed. Another reason for growing parsley is its usefulness.

  • Parsley contains more minerals than any other pot herb. It's a natural mineral supplement. So, in addition to adding color and flavor to your meals, it will also add nutrients.

  • Parsley is a larval food for the black swallowtail butterfly otherwise known as the parsley worm.

  • After you've eaten the leaves, you can simmer the stems in water and make a hair rinse that will sooth an itchy scalp.

  • Women with irregular cycles sometimes use parsley tea to bring on their menses. Steep 1 tablespoon of fresh leaves in a cup of hot water for 5 minutes. One or two cups per day for up to a week is a therapeutic dose.
  • And you thought it was just a garnish.

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    How to Grow Parsley

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    1. Chose a type. Curly parsley is most common in the United States. Europeans seem to prefer flat leaved. I grow curly parsley because I think it's prettier. If you can't decide, grow them both. You could alternate the plants or segregate them in separate beds.

    2. You can buy small plants from the garden center or start the plants from seed. Seed can be started directly in the planting area or in pots. Parsley seeds are slow to sprout, but given enough moisture, warmth, and time they will germinate. Once they are up, the plants are easy to grow.

    3. Plant parsley in rich, moist soil in bright shade. It is fond of cool weather. Too much heat will cause it to bolt. Once that happens, no more new leaves will form. As parsley is a biennial, bolting is not a concern during the first year.

    4. Feed the plants periodically with compost tea or any balanced organic fertilizer. Be careful too keep whatever fertilizer you use off the leaves unless you want to end up eating it too.

    Parsley Worm

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    This is about the only insect that bothers parsley grown outdoors. These voracious eaters are the larvae of the black swallowtail . If you are a butterfly lover, as I am, you may not wish to destroy these worms.

    A gentler way of dealing with parsley worms is to plant extra parsley for them. This way, you'll still get your harvest. Plus, your yard will become a breeding ground for these beautiful butterflies. It's a win-win.

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