Growing Pineapples

Should You Separate The Slips?

When growing pineapples should you separate the slips or leave them in place? Each growing method yields different results.

Pineapples growing indoors at Longwood Gardens in PA. These pineapples are growing under glass at Longwood Gardens in PA.

A mature pineapple plant bears only one sweet fruit in its lifetime. But don't be disappointed by this because, before the mother plant dies she will send up one or more suckers or slips.

These slips can arise out of the soil very close to the base of the mother plant or they can emerge from the stalk that bore the fruit. So, after you've harvested the fruit, don't disturb the plant. Just continue to feed and water (or neglect) it as normal. The babies will come in time.
Once the slips have been growing for a few months, you'll have two choices: you can either leave them in place or separate them from mom.

If you leave them around the mother plant, there may not be enough space for all of them to grow to full size. They won't mind this, but the fruit they produce will be smaller than if they'd been given room to stretch out.

If you separate the slips, it will set them back a few months as they will have to form their own root systems. The plants won't suffer any harm. It will just take them a few months longer to fruit.

You could compromise and separate some of the slips and leave the rest in place. That way, you can judge for yourself which way produces fruit sooner.

Once you remove the slips, place them directly into prepared soil, the same as you would if you were planting a pineapple top.

Keep the slips shaded and slightly moist until you are sure they have rooted in well. When you see new leaves growing, you'll know they're off to a good start.



Grow your own delicious pineapples! A tropical plant that is easy to grow and drought tolerant. Grows only 2 1/2-5' high making it an excellent container plant that can be grown in cold areas and brought indoors for the winter.

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